A Month of the Leader – Day 14

One of the Leader’s biggest plans in his early days was to create Humanoids to do his dirty work… and when the humanoids didn’t work he’d just create more – when more didn’t work he’d create bigger ones… which doesn’t seem like a brilliant plan – but hey, I’m not a genius!

4 responses to “A Month of the Leader – Day 14

  1. Hey Ratch my LCS just informed me that my Planet Hulk statue came in this pass Wednesday. So I’ll pick up mine this Tuesday coming up. You must have yours already so I can’t wait for your pros and cons on the statue. By the way, any word on when and if HulkSpace.Com is coming back?

    • No word yet about HS – but believe it or not – I still do not have my PH statue – I do have my Maestro FS which I will be posting early next week!

  2. Mecha-Hulk "Josh"

    Hey Ratch – stumbled into your site for a Hulk fix. What’s up? Love Leader month, dude! Include some of his toys while you’re at it, if you can spare the time.

    What happened to hulkspace.com? You’re the only other person I can communicate with, aside from hulk#465 (whom I will also be asking shortly). Will it ever come back?

  3. King Hulk Marco

    I can’t wait. What day will you be doing that?

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