A Month of the Leader – Day 15

Sorry everyone – it was a whirlwind of a freakin’ day – I haven’t had a chance to read my comics yet – and so… the review will have to wait until Monday – or maybe I can squeak it out this weekend – but it is late and I am getting tired – but I did want to make sure to post the Leader cover – this one from the great Countdown storyline that introduced us to Madman, the Leader’s brother!

13 responses to “A Month of the Leader – Day 15

  1. 3 or 4 appearances later madman is never to be seen or heard from again. What a waste!

    • Madman really potential. It is interesting that a member of the Leader’s family was obessed with Dr Banner before he was the Hulk and before Stens was the Leader.I thought this fact had potential to explain why the Leader is bent on beating the Hulk. Also, I might be in the minority here, I think would be interesting to learn more about the Leader’s past. What motivates him? Why did he chose to use his powers this way?

  2. King Hulk Marco

    I must admit, I do hope that at the start of 2011 after the end of World War Hulks that they start to use the other members of the Hulk Rogues Gallery.

    I am surprised that neither Ravage, Madman (or even the Brute) made it into the Intel.

  3. Intel is for Smart People that Loeb wants to kill off

  4. King Hulk Marco

    I hope that is not the case my friend. Upward and onward remember that.

    • King Hulk,did you have any luck finding the Mantlo/Byrne interview from Amazing Heroes?Also wanted to ask you about the Steve Ditko “interview”. This I’m guessing isn’t really a interview since Ditko no longer gives interviews. Is this a article he wrote somewhere?

  5. King Hulk Marco

    Hello Zeno, how are you sir? The answer to your questions are as follows :-1). I haven’t been looking for the Byrne/Mantlo interview as I was under the impression that since you had already read it, you were going to provide the links. 2.). The Steve Ditko interview, when I mentioned it was fairly new as he was in the process of promoting a book. It was on a couple of websites, I think I read it on CBR. Just do a search on google. I am sure you will find it.

    • King Hulk, yesterday I posted my thoughts on Wolverine 144 on Month of the Leader 12. Tell me what you think about my ideas. Thanks.

  6. King Hulk Marco

    I have read your comments and I too wouldn’t be that surprised to find out Samson got his tech from the Intel. Also last year in one of the specials they did do A What If Hulk Died Instead Of Jarella? I’m pretty sure Ryan covered it. It was a good story. I am going to go on record and say that Glen Talbot is going to be revealed as the link between the Intel and General Ryker. Also that there will be afew more surprises to be revealed over the World War Hulks storyline.

    • Talbot is a strong possiblity for a link with the Intel and Ryker. Good work. The other thing is Wolverine 144 took place around Hulk 180 while the Leader was found by Samson in 208,28 issues later. About month of story time.Then the Leader gets back his powers in 223. Samson may have worked with the Intel then. It could be the Leader was saved by them but they had Samson bring him to the base. Did one personality did work for them without his other knowning?

    • King Hulk, is the what if Hulk died instead of Jarella story you mentioned the one by Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe from about a year ago?

  7. King Hulk Marco

    It is a strong possibilty. It depends if the ‘evil’ Samson personality will be reconned into Marvel History. We have to wait and see!

    • King Hulk,my reasoning was it is not likely a non-superpowered person could survive in the desert for that long. Of course comics do not operate on real world science. The Intel did have that device to save each other back then. The same device ‘might’ explain how the Leader survived in 284. Of course that would require time travel and teleportation. They might start saying these are robots of the Leader,like they did with Dr Doom. What are your thoughts?

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