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A Month of the Leader – Day 16

I owe a post… but here, on this cover – it shows no other comic character has a better porn-stache than the Leader!

Hulk #21 (2010) / The Incredible Hulk #608 – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #608

Thanks for your patience.  The end of March is a killer – I hardly have time to log on let alone leave a post – but I will try.  Here’s the review that I should have posted last week:  Let’s be honest here – I am putting these 2 issues in the same post because… well, they are basically the same comic – just written by 2 different writers.  Loeb’s book has one of the most cringe worthy ideas since Wendi-Hulk – which is:  Hulkpool.  For freakin’ all that is holy!  Really?  Hulkpool?  I and it was passed through the editor?  Without question?  Holy hell…

#608 1:25 Cho Variant

Well, let’s get down to the brass tacks – the Skaar, Wolvie, Banner, Spidey, etc. team are attacking the base – when it’s revealed that Banner is actually Cho – being hidden by a holographic cloaking device.  Skaar pissed… again – because he’s being lied to… again.  Betty doesn’t want to be saved and go with Banner, Cho, or anyone for that matter.  Talbot is not an L.M.D. – nor is he the Red Hulk – which pretty much ONLY leaves Ross at this point.  Even though he is dead… *chuckle*  The Red Hulk is trying to take care of his part – but he is caught and used to help shoot a ray back to Earth that “Hulk-ifies” all the heroes, and soldiers on the planet.  Bruce is caught and linked up with all the other geniuses.  We do get a flash forward that shows Bruce in bed with Betty and Betty saying how he (Bruce) saved the day… was that a dream?  Who knows at this point – I tend to lean on the side of non-dream – but we will see.

Shocking ending?  Not really.  I mean, it didn’t hit me like the ending to Ground Zero did.  It was more like “Really?  All that for nothing?  Seems like a waste”  And I still feel that way.  It was a bummer.  Here are some thoughts though… Banner WANTED to get caught.  It’s all part of his plan that he hasn’t told anyone else about, including Red Hulk.  Which would follow the personality traits that Banner has been displaying recently.  I’m starting to grow a little weary of this “devious” Banner.  It’s hard to root for someone who is constantly lying to the people relying on him.  But we will see where this heads in the months to come.  Grade for these comics: TIH – C+ /  Hulk – D

Hulk #21

Next month we get the conclusion to all of this.  Come to think of it – we should have seen it coming – with the storyline titled Fall of the Hulks.  I just can’t wait to get the actual Hulk back.  It’s been way too long – looking forward to getting some better Hulk stories being told – putting this dark age behind us – and the whole terribly written mystery of “Who is the Red Hulk” over with!  At this point if it’s not Ross – then… oh, right – I don’t care!  I could really care less!  It was supposed to be a 6 issue mini-series that actually turned into one of the darkest ages in Hulk history – right up there with Bruce Jones!  Which was hard to beat!  But congrats Loeb – you did it.

Hulk #21 1:25 Cho Variant