Red Hulk #3 (2010) – The Review

Red Hulk #3

I have to tell you – I have read this comic about a half a dozen times over – and I can’t tell if I liked it or not.  On the one hand, kudos to Parker for trying to make sense out of Loeb’s ridiculousness – but on the other hand, it’s like trying to fix a carburetor with a toothbrush!  You might be able to do it – but it’s going to be really difficult!  See, issue 3 deals with how Rick Jones was turned into A-Bomb.  I mean, we need an entire different series on how he came to call himself A-Bomb – or why he thought it was a good idea – or why Loeb is still being allowed to write anything cause he’s a blathering idiot – but still – we are dealt his origin as follows:

The memories coming flooding back to Jones!

Rick is fighting Red Hulk.  The Red Hulk starts to trigger memories from Rick – like how at the end of WWH he was taken by A.I.M. and they used the Abomination’s DNA to make Rick into what he is today.  Marlo helped him escape – all this time Rick is pretending to be the stupid A-Bomb again – but we learn that Rick was trying to tell Bruce about the plan way back in issue 6 – I have an issue with that scene – but let’s just move on…

Banner and his trusty ole' Redeemer suit!

We then learn that Rick was given a trigger to kill Bruce Banner.  We don’t know what it is – but at some point Rick is supposed to turn on Bruce and kill him.  So the Intel give Rick his brains back as A-Bomb and send him out – which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense here – like I said – I give kudos to Parker for trying to fix this mess – but it’s getting out of control here!  In TIH #600 we see Bruce in a tank – we are not told how he was captured or why at that point – but he was in the tank.  We see Rick – who we hadn’t seen since issue 6 – being experimented on.  In the scuffle there Rick helps Bruce escape and they have been together ever since…

So when did they implant this trigger exactly?  During that time?  Because Bruce was still able to be turned into the Hulk – and Bruce wasn’t the wild card he turned into yet… and why then was M.O.D.O.C.K. so upset when the Red Hulk drained the Hulk out of Banner – wouldn’t that make him easier to kill?  Man, I really get aggravated when thinking back to TIH #600 – you have a landmark issue tainted with one of the stupidest scenes ever written into a comic – the Red Hulk using his “draining” ability to destroy the Hulk.  I mean, that was just really pathetic!  Loeb continues to do the opposite of impress with this comic!  How does this crap still sell?  People let’s wake up here!  Sorry – I got a little heated  there… oy… I just remembered the scene in this issue – where the Red Hulk says that Hulk “overheated” him… referring, of course to issue #6 – another doozy.

Anyways, getting back on track… Bruce intentionally sets off the trigger and as tears after Bruce to kill him – Bruce talks the trigger right out of Rick.  He tells him that he should not feel guilty – and that it wasn’t his fault.  (Which totally isn’t true!  It is most certainly his fault!) but Rick apologizes and they leave the cave together in a victory. 

We WON! What do we get?

Like I said, Parker has done a great job of filling in the obvious gaps in Loeb’s brainless story – but here it just falls a little flat.  That combines with the art – especially that horrible cover art by JRJR – this issue gets a

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20 thoughts on “Red Hulk #3 (2010) – The Review

  1. I’m lucky I didn’t start reading Loeb’s run regularly until issue 16. You made some good points Ratchet. The one out I think of is maybe the Intel thought they would totally drain Bruce of gamma radiation when creating the soliders. Then If he was attacked or trying to escape with Rick he would start pleading for help. If Bruce can ask for him for help when he could still turn into the Hulk it’s a poor plan. If A-bomb was alot more powerful than Hulk it would make sense. He wasn’t. You can disagree.

  2. Now that I think about it there is a way out of that last point. We can assume the command required “both” the knowledge that Bruce was no longer the Hulk + the verbal plea for help. Then it would fit with my earlier post. If anyone notices a problem please tell me. Otherwise I just fixed this plot problem.

  3. Ryan, this was the point I was trying to make last week. Jeff Parker (poor sod!) being forced being to try and make sense out of thiscrap (and he nearly succeeded) kudos to Mr Parker. Yo Zeno, try not to read too much into Jeph’s writing it is just going to depress you my friend.

    1. King Hulk, you misunderstood me. It was not that I thought this is what Loeb had planned. I meant my explanation covers this plot point for both Loeb and Parker. They can use it if they want, as long as they give me special thanks in the credits.

    1. Well, it I didn’t say it would happen. Or even that they would use my idea. But the explanation covers all major points. King Hulk,is there any more information on Hulked Out Heroes? Why Marvel has to remove the regular Hulk titles for a month just to give this story I can’t understand. Plus the previews did not give much away on the Fall of the Hulks ending so they really didn’t have to hide the info from us. And both issues in one month is odd also.

      1. “Hulked Out Heroes” is a Deadpool–excuse me, Hulkpool story with some time travel thrown in, written by Jeff Parker with nary our Hulk in sight. This according to a Newsarama interview released a few days ago.

        The month break is designed to give the creative teams of both core books a break before the big event, so nobody has to have a fill-in there. (Although you might just as easily call next month’s books the fill-ins.)

        It’s just as strange that WWHs #1 is just a one-shot with various odds-and-ends stories in the flavor of the RED HULK series.

        Sigh. At least we’ll find out about the Talbot-Bucky connection.

        Anyone pick up the 8th X-Men Masterworks volume for the umpteenth reprinting of Hulk #180-181 as well as a few other Hulk appearances? Fun!

        And this week: Essential Rampaging Hulk Vol. 2, plus the 2nd printing of Incredible Hulk #607.


      2. Wow – a reprint of 181? No way! I might have to pass on picking that one up…

        but I am certainly geting the Rampaging Hulk #2 – I loves that Mag!

  4. Guys, I saw Kick Ass last night. If you liked Kill Bill #1, you are going to love this! Think Watchmen meets Kill Bill.

  5. Well Zeno my friend, I think young Gary as adequately answered this point. Well done Gary! I have noticed that Jeff Parker hasn’t updated his website for awhile, I wonder what’s up with that?

    1. King Hulk,is Jeff Parker,still answering blog posts like he did with yours? Or is there no activity at all?
      Where is this new Jeff Parker interview that Gary mentioned? I will try a google search.

  6. Well Ratchet, the X-Men tome also collects the battle with the Juggernaut from Hulk #172, a cameo of the Hulk in Cap #175, and Defenders #15-16 because of Professor X and Magneto. But it does complete my run of X-Masterworks (Vols. 1-8 + the Uncanny Omnibus + Uncanny Masterworks Vol. 5 for Dark Phoenix). Heck, the previous volume (7) reprinted Hulk #150 and 161.

    On that note, I do hope they announce Hulk Vol. 6 soon. It’s too long between volumes and that needs to change!


    1. Really? Holy Moly! Maybe I should pick that up! I hope they annouce the next Hulk soon too – I gotta tell you, they might be expensive – but if you’re crafty you should be able to find them for cheap – but they are also my favorite format to read these back issues!

      1. I always preorder from Discount Comic Book Service, which has most of the Marvel HC’s for 40% off cover (and some for 50%!). Their sister site,, has them for about 37% off which still isn’t too shabby. Ordering there makes me feel (slightly) less guilty about doing so.

        Now, if only Marvel would rerelease some Marvel Treasury Editions, eh? Like DC is doing with their tabloid-size reprint of the Superman Vs. Mohammed Ali special. (It’s not like I don’t have, oh, 20 Treasuries, but still….what a great format!)


      2. Ratchet,I thought you owned all of the Rampaging Hulk/Hulk magazines. Are you still missing a few issues?

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