A Month of the Leader #21 & 22

I was planning on about 20 of these posts – and since this is the last day of March this is the last of the Leader posts!  Hope you enjoyed the month!  I know I have mentioned an exciting announcement – and I was just told that I can tell everyone tomorrow – so get ready!  Now, this month was showcasing some of the best Leader stuff – above is a personal favorite cover – the Leader and Maestro!  Man, that team would be unstopable!  And – in the 96 cartoon they had an episode that featured the Leader finally getting the Hulk’s power – it was kind of cool – although short lived, and if memory recalls, it was Gargoyle’s fault!  Great episode – even better toy!


3 responses to “A Month of the Leader #21 & 22

  1. Hi Ratchet,

    Just wanted to say a big THANKS for the leader month, been great seeing some of the old covers, some of which i need to add to my expanding Hulk collection.

    Look forward to seeing more of the Hulk foes soon.


  2. the only thing wrong with the cover is the Hulk’s head is so small and Maestro’s hair look like a pomeranian taped to his head.

  3. I have never really been a fan of Angel Medina’s pencils. His Hulk was great in that Lifeform annual than somewhere along the way it was “cool” to draw the Hulk or characters proportioned like him with teen tiny heads.

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