New Handful of Heroes!

Mindless Hulk - 2 out of the 3 variants

I usually wait to post things until I have them all – but this new wave is so elusive!  I can only find them at Toys R Us – and wave 2 looks exactly like wave 1 – except for the figures inside, well… some of them.  They have re-released some of the Wave 1 figures in new colors – but the exciting part is…

Hulk as War - 2 out of the 3 variants

There are 8 – that’s right 8 new Hulks!  There is a Professor Hulk, a Mindless Hulk, an All Ages Hulk (whatever that means), a regular old Hulk, a new WWH, a Dark Hulk, Hulk as War AND a Maestro!  Not to mention… the villains?  Oh yeah – we’re talking Bi-Beast, Zzaxx and Madman!  Freakin’ Madman!  Wow!

Professor and Dark Hulk

I am not in possession of them all… yet – but rest assure I will be!  Here is a shot of all the figures released – and thank you Gamma Pup for bringing these to my attention!  I actually like these little things!

Bi-Beast and Zzaxx

Wave 2

6 responses to “New Handful of Heroes!

  1. Now this is a little off-topic, but what issue from The 60’s had the Hulk fight Thor and The Hulk could lift Thor’s hammer? I know I’ve read it but I don’t remember the title or number of the comic.

  2. Thank god there is no red hulk or red she hulk in this wave!

  3. King Hulk Marco

    That will be in wave 3 no doubt!

  4. After the first movie there was a cool set of maybe 10 different figures in this scale that came from Mexico (Chip/Tortilla premiums). One I remember most was Hulk fighting the Gamma dogs. DC figures from Mexico in same format from the 1990’s.
    Spain also has some neat Marvel charecters as premiums with a chocalate bar. Hulk from this shows up on Ebay.

    • Yeah – a lot of stuff from over seas are pretty much pirated stuff that I am not really interested in…

      • These Premiums are not bump-offs. I hate the bump-offs, bad molds, cheap plastic and bad paintjobs.I may order them if I find them again.
        Found a cool p.v.c. Hulk figure on Ebay”Toothbrush Buddy”, chained to a toothbrush, Wolverine, Ironman and Spidey too.
        Any word on HANDFUL OF HEROES Wave 3?
        There is nothing on the HASBRO site. Shame if it ends with so many more posabilities.

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