New Handful of Heroes!

Mindless Hulk - 2 out of the 3 variants

I usually wait to post things until I have them all – but this new wave is so elusive!  I can only find them at Toys R Us – and wave 2 looks exactly like wave 1 – except for the figures inside, well… some of them.  They have re-released some of the Wave 1 figures in new colors – but the exciting part is…

Hulk as War - 2 out of the 3 variants

There are 8 – that’s right 8 new Hulks!  There is a Professor Hulk, a Mindless Hulk, an All Ages Hulk (whatever that means), a regular old Hulk, a new WWH, a Dark Hulk, Hulk as War AND a Maestro!  Not to mention… the villains?  Oh yeah – we’re talking Bi-Beast, Zzaxx and Madman!  Freakin’ Madman!  Wow!

Professor and Dark Hulk

I am not in possession of them all… yet – but rest assure I will be!  Here is a shot of all the figures released – and thank you Gamma Pup for bringing these to my attention!  I actually like these little things!

Bi-Beast and Zzaxx
Wave 2

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6 thoughts on “New Handful of Heroes!

  1. Now this is a little off-topic, but what issue from The 60’s had the Hulk fight Thor and The Hulk could lift Thor’s hammer? I know I’ve read it but I don’t remember the title or number of the comic.

  2. After the first movie there was a cool set of maybe 10 different figures in this scale that came from Mexico (Chip/Tortilla premiums). One I remember most was Hulk fighting the Gamma dogs. DC figures from Mexico in same format from the 1990’s.
    Spain also has some neat Marvel charecters as premiums with a chocalate bar. Hulk from this shows up on Ebay.

      1. These Premiums are not bump-offs. I hate the bump-offs, bad molds, cheap plastic and bad paintjobs.I may order them if I find them again.
        Found a cool p.v.c. Hulk figure on Ebay”Toothbrush Buddy”, chained to a toothbrush, Wolverine, Ironman and Spidey too.
        Any word on HANDFUL OF HEROES Wave 3?
        There is nothing on the HASBRO site. Shame if it ends with so many more posabilities.

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