The Big Announcement!

Alright, I was just told I can let the cat out of the bag – I can’t give too many details – but basically Marvel contacted me about 6 months ago saying that they were looking to acquire some of the best “character driven” websites.  They said that mine was in the running to be the official Hulk website!  I was thrilled – especially since it comes with monetary gain!

And I was just informed that they unanimously chose this website, right here, to be the official Hulk website!  From what I’ve been told – nothing will change right away – but Marvel will be putting up advertisements and banners of their own on here.  I’ve also been told that they would like me to not “bash” their creators on here… so… well, Loeb wins this round!  But, I’ve also been told that I will be getting free Hulk swag!  Not to mention the money 🙂 

Anyways, check out the announcement on Marvel’s page right here

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41 thoughts on “The Big Announcement!

  1. Either this is really awesome news, or your pulling an early April fools joke on us. Hope its true, and CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Shit! so when is the “real” announcement or have you been sitting on this for the last month and a half?

    1. I have been planning this one for a while… I have to get craftier to fool you guys!

      Glad everyone’s in the spirit! Now pull a good prank yourself today!

  3. Had me going! I was upset that they’d not let you speak your mind about Loeb though :p

    How about putting in a forum for us (since the Hulkspace one seems to be never coming back)

  4. So there is no real announcement? I was hoping that you would be taking over the reigns over at Hulkspace or something..

  5. MAJOR NEWS! It is official! Today from Marvel that Hulk #23 will finally reveal identity of Red Hulk. No word yet if Loeb is staying or going. PS You guys with your April Fools japes are fast approaching Niles from Fraser territory level of campness!!!!! Has a burly, cider & perry drinking He-Man, I find this trend very worrying indeed!

    1. This is to King Hulk,but also to anyone else who wants to respond. Did you see the previews to next weeks World War Hulks one shot? King Hulk,I think you be interested in the Talbolt story’s 2-3 page previews. Considering how much you liked my theory on what happend to Talbolt this might be interesting. CBR has the preview pages.

      1. To Zeno, I did see it, it was amazing!

        Here is the link for the rest of you guys.

        In answer to your other other comment, nope I never read Peter David’s run on Captain Marvel. I read the first story featuring Genis Marvel in a backup story for a Silver Surfer Annual. He started his career as Legacy. Later on he became the new Captain Marvel.

        I thought the character was ok. I wasn’t too wowed by him.

  6. Awesome! I was totally fooled! I was so happy for you!
    This is a believable joke,though! I can honestly see marvel wanting to acquire this great website!

  7. Holy Crap THat is Pure Skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take that spider man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Because of the last issue of Red Hulk and it’s focus on Rick Jones,I decided got the first run of Peter David’s Captain Marvel. I am just finishing with David’s first volume which ends at number 35 and I am wondering if the 25 issues he wrote after the series was restarted are worth reading. As anyone read these issues?

  9. Hmmmm….thats one of the best april fools ever!!!! how cool would it of been if it were true Ryan? But as if you would give up basing that douche bag Loeb for money???

  10. Wow – that was really funny! I was thinking “good for you”, but now all I am thinking is “You A-hole!”

    Good one!

    1. King Hulk, I was not interested in the new Captain Marvel either. However since Rick Jones is a character I liked I picked up the first volume that Peter David wrote. These are more Rick Jones stories than Captain Marvel ones. The first volume is 35 issues. I read all of them. They are more comedy than drama. I haven’t read all of the next series. The tone is much darker than the first. I only read the first 5 and last 5 issues This second series lasted 25 issues.

  11. King Hulk, I read Parker’s comments and they are not that bad. Do not give up hope yet. As Paker said himself,he did not expect to do two miniseries Alpha. I will personally post to Parker’s site. Any other ways you think we could help? By th way, I thought Hulk 23 would be Loeb’s last issue. Guess not.

  12. Dear Marco – if you want to keep posting on this site then keep disparaging remarks off. I really don’t appreciate it. Discussions and disagreements are fine – but to blame all of us for the fact that Loeb is writing the Hulk is just silly.

    Again, this is a site I do on my spare time – something I enjoy – and I don’t have a lot of spare time – so logging on and reading your comments didn’t sit well with me. You want to try it again with a little less “pointing fingers” and such, be my guest, but this is not a public forum where I’m going to allow myself or other readers to be bashed.

  13. Thanks Zeno, that means alot. I going to go away for a few days. If you or any of the other guys wish to contact me outside of this website feel free to drop me a line on my personal email address.

    About Peter David’s writing style, he is one of the few writer’s who can cover the whole range of emotions. I am not surprised to hear from you that his Captain Marvel run was more comedy than drama.

    Regarding Jeff Parker, the man IS a class act all the way. I spoke to the man for nearly two days via email. How many writer’s do you know who would do that for a fan? And me? I’m a nobody.

    I am a very astute guy. I know what’s what. Jeff Parker is the answer to our prayer’s. Though that matter is now taken from my hands. It is up to someone else to take the baton from me and run with it. I hope and pray that they have more success than I did to get him to take over.

    Jeph Loeb will stay on Hulk until he is pushed off or he gets a better offer. Wouldn’t surprise me that after World War Hulks is done and dusted and things are back to normal that people will start to complain about the quality of his writing all over again.

    Me? I don’t care anymore. I say long live Jeph Loeb! Jeph make as much money as you can, when you can. Has long as you have Greg Pak, Jeff Parker, Fred Van Zante in The Hulk Brain Trust to bail you out and the legendary Peter David as your go to miracle worker it’s all good.

    The only thing I am going to try and do is make the odd suggestion to Jeff about what I would like to see in Marvel be it Hulk or any other title. To be honest with you I do have one or two insane suggestions that I would LOVE to see happen in World War Hulks and beyond!

    Wish me luck!

  14. Why has deadpool become a part of hulks war all that he is is a merc that makes jokes!!!! Loeb can’t even write the guy right and i have to buy 2 issue 1 for Me and 1 for my Bro a DP person

    1. Conner,my advice is don’t buy Hulked out Heroes. It doesn’t deal with the main storyline so don’t waste your money. Jeff Parker can turn in a decent story,but I agree with Ratchet that it is a excuse to cash in on Deadpool’s popularity. Avoid it on general principle.

  15. Thanks for the Advice Zeno but i being newish to Comics 4 years is my stash But World War Hulks is the First Event i am geting every Tie in and i said to My Bro Pay for it yourself cause i am 12 you are 10 Pay for yourself!

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