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Dr Doom / Absorbing Man Secret Wars 2-Pack (2010)

Doom, Absorbing Man, Wasp 3-Pack?

I told you before that these 2-packs were done right by Marvel.  You get 2 figures – really well done figures – AND a comic to go with it?  All for $12.99.  Yes, thank you!  Now, I know Hulk really has nothing to do with this package – but let’s look at it this way – in every Hulk line of toys they have had an Absorbing Man.  The Absorbing Man was in the 2003 Hulk movie.  Hulk has sort of adopted this great character – so in turn – I have added this to my Hulk collection.  Not to mention that he comes with one of the best Marvel villains ever – Dr. Doom!  So, how can you say no to this?

The Sculpts are pretty damn nice on these!

Not to mention – it comes with a third figure – a teeny tiny Wasp.  Although, a lack of a face is a little disturbing!

Wasp... without a face