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Hulk #2, Page #15 (1999)

Hulk #2, Page #15 - signed by Ron Garney

So, here’s the thing – some of you have noticed some of my Hulk pages on the bay… I am trying to focus my collection a bit.  See, my new goal is to have a published page by every artist that has drawn the Hulk.  I am on my way – and even made a really nice snag with this Ron Garney page!  Back when they re-titled the comic just “Hulk” Garney was there handling the drawing duties.  I really enjoy a lot of his art – but this page was a fantastic find – on the bay – and I couldn’t believe I was the only bidder!  After I had won and posted it on Statue Forum a few of the people there admitted that they were also watching this auction – and missed the end of it to bid.

The Fuzz is in trouble!

That makes me all that happier – because it’s all mine now!  Even the last owner told me he hated to let it go – but had to.  Let’s take a gander at my lovely page shall we?  Heck, this is almost a splash page – the Hulk on the bottom, menacing over the Police Chief – holding the little girl – it’s just a great page to look at!  Much like my action figure wall – I want to try to create a art wall.  But that’s something I am missing… wall space.  Anyways, if you haven’t noticed I have re-designed the ART page and separated the published pages from the commissions – easier to navigate that way.

Last but not least – tomorrow I will be posting my Maestro statue!  I just finished uploading all the pics – and there are quite a few!  So don’t miss out!  Make sure you come back!