Maestro Statue (2010)

The Maestro!
Base - shot 1

Bowen really has outdone himself this time – and I don’t even have my PH yet!  But my favorite thing about statues are the little things that tell a story – for instance, the Marvel Milestones Hulk statue has a base that shows off a huge robotic hand – that to me is just bad-ass – I don’t know about you, but my mind begins to swim with scenarios that showcase the Hulk destroying the enormous robot.  This is one of those statues – and mainly because of the base! 

Full Shot!
Thor's Hammer, Cap's Sheild... and more!

I will get into the statue itself in a minute, but let’s get this out of the way, shall we?  Here is a list of the many relics found on Maestro’s base:

  • Captain America’s Shield (one of the best
  • Spiderman’s Mask
  • Daredevil’s Skull
  • Iron Man’s Helmet
  • Strange’s Eye of Agamotto
  • Wolverine’s Skull
  • Doom’s Mask
  • Thor’s Hammer
  • Black Night’s Ebony Blade
  • Either Ant Man or Wasp’s Skull
  • Gun from the Punisher
  • Hercule’s Mace
  • Deathlock’s Pistol
  • Sabertooth’s Tooth – although, also rumored to be a Jawbone from Predator 2 (from Randy himself)
  • The Ultimate Nullifier
  • Deadpool’s Sword
  • Bullseye’s Dagger
  • Zombie’s Hand
  • Pyro’s Fuel Tank.
Wolvie's Skull and Bullseye's Dagger!
Poor Daredevil... that must've been a bad day...
Iron Man... everyone is always jealous of Iron Man

This statue is out of control!  Randy has also said that not everything has significance – so don’t go crazy if you can’t figure it out!  But I think a perfect mini-series would be how the Hulk finally went nuts and killed all these heroes and became the Maestro – how come this story has not been done yet?  I’m sure PD has it in the back of his mind somewhere… they could highlight how Rick and Bruce became enemies and I would love to see how the Hulk took down some of the heroes!

Maestro's got bling!
Ant Man's skull - Deathlock's gun! And the Predator's Mandible?
The Shield! Still perfect!

I have the Planet Hulk coming – and after seeing this I am even more excited to see that when it comes – because Maestro exceeded all of my expectations!  Yes, there are things I could pick on… such as what the Maestro is wearing – how great would have it been to have added the bad ass crown:

Drink it in ladies! He's all man!

I also would have loved to see his hair and beard be a little more disheveled – not like he just came out of Fantastic Sam’s.  But I can’t complain too much – how many people thought we were going to get a Maestro FS in the first place?  I am psyched to have it in my collection!

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11 thoughts on “Maestro Statue (2010)

  1. Finally, I thought that you just forgot this statue, lol. I love this statue and I might get it down the road but hands down, I think Planet Hulk is better. I just pick up bobble Hulk, very retro indeed. It would be nice to see retro mego Hulk.

  2. i just managed to get a copy of this statue myself what a statue! i really cant choose what i prefer between this and planet hulk(bowen) i think i will have to love them equally!

  3. This statue represents THE MOST RELEVANT MOMENT in this particular Marvel Time Line, to Me it was apparently EVERYONE vs. The Maestro after The PUNY HUMANS launched an all out nuclear attack in a misguided attempt to take Maestro, when The Heroes (& Villains) attacked Maestro was radiating so much residual radiation the lesser beings were quickly disintegrated while Maestro had no problem killing Thor Hercules & the other more durable but still weakened beings, thus explaining the presence of all the “souveniers” in the immediate area.
    It’s the most sensible explaination I can think of.
    Hows that sound?

  4. Just got one of these today myself at KAPOW comic con, its simply an awesome statue, will go very nicely with my other full sized bowen hulk statue 🙂

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