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Report from Boston Comic Con Apr ’10 – Part 1

Soooo… I spent my Sunday in Boston at the Westin Hotel – the new home of the Boston Comic Con!  I’m not sure if it will stay here – but there sis seem to be a bit more room in this space for both the vendors AND the artists.  Jim Lee was the big draw… I saw him – but my sights were set on seeing Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame.  For those of you who don’t remember Mignola was one of the artists who had the thankless task of taking over the drawing responsibilities after Buscema departed.

Mignola has a reputation for pretty much doing what he wants at conventions, if he feels like sketching, he will – if not… well, he won’t.  Which is fine – except, to me, it doesn’t show respect to the fans who helped you become a huge success.  I know most of his money was made from Hellboy – but he made a name for himself drawing quite a few Marvel books before that… which is why I thought he’d appreciate that I was an admirer of some of his early Hulk work.  But that didn’t seem to be the case.

The couple ahead of me in line asked him if he’d do a quick sketch of Hellboy – he smiled and said “Sure!”  I thought I was in luck – Mignola seemed to be in a great mood – perfect!  Well, it was my turn, I walked up and pulled out one of his Hulk comics – I said “I have sort of a blast from the past for you…”  and he didn’t crack a smile.  He said “Ah, yes.” rather flatly.  I continued praising him with a few compliments and told him about my quest to acquire art from all of the artists who have contributed to the history of the Hulk.  I asked if he would do quick sketch – even if it was a quick Hulk Head sketch.  Without missing a beat he says “I don’t do sketches at conventions”

But he had literally just done one!  Right in front of me!  I later realized it was because I asked for the Hulk – a character he had done before – but not the one he made his “FU” money off of.  At least that’s what I assume the reason to be.  I’ve heard others have had similar experiences with Mignola.  Too bad – he seemed like a pretty nice guy – as long as you were only admiring his Hellboy stuff…