Daily Archives: April 14, 2010

Report from Boston Comic Con Apr ’10 – Part 2

On another note – a more positive note – I did get some pretty fantastic art on Sunday from all sorts of artists!  Some of the art I will showcase next week – but for now I will just finish up and let you know how the rest of the con was.  First off – if you are ever looking for a key issue – this is where to go – comic shops seem to bring out their A-list stuff.  Most are very willing to haggle on prices – which is nice – but sometimes I would like to see more “unique” comics – stuff that people don’t see everywhere.  It seemed like every shop there had an issue of #181 showcased.  There was a few impressive comics to see – a CGC 6.5 Incredible Hulk #1, a CGC 9.9 Rampaging Hulk #3 (I mean, a 9.9?  That’s still pretty sweet!), a few beatiful copies of Avengers #1, and one of my favorite covers of all time Avengers #3! 

Every vendor was a joy to talk to – I was also VERY close to getting a CGC 9.6 Hulk #393 signed by PD and Keown – but ultimately passed.  A few art dealers made a showing there – saw an original Kirby page that I will never own – a TTA page I’m still considering contacting the guy about… ooohhhhh, so tempting…. but also – missed out on getting a piece of art from one of the biggest talents there – Starlin.  I couldn’t find his table at first – and by the time I did – I did not have much money left.

All in all, I’m glad that the Boston Comic Con seems to be growing in popularity – seeing Jim Lee was pretty damn cool – and the con bringing in bigger names surely brought out the crowds!  People were waiting in the cold for 2hrs just to get in on Saturday.  Another reason why I go on Sundays – smaller crowd – and I get there early to make sure I can get in and not have to wait in line for long!