Marvel’s Greatest Comics – Hulk #1 (2010)

Marvel's Greatest Comics?

Really?  Don’t you think it’s a little early to consider this one of the greatest comics that your company puts out?  Yeah – it sold a whole bunch – but sales doesn’t equate greatness.  Time will tell just how memorable this series will be – and I will hedge bets that Loeb will cringe when handed these issues to sign at conventions.  People will say “Will you sign my Hulk #1” and he will respond with “Ugh.  This crap?  I was way too drunk when I wrote this…” and then he will trail off into a story about how he once danced on a bar in a pink tutu for bikers who told him to dance or swallow.  And then he will just start to cry…

Published by ratchet

I am a man. I like the world I live in. I would like it better if pumpkins were available year-round though...

6 thoughts on “Marvel’s Greatest Comics – Hulk #1 (2010)

  1. Why would marvel do such a thing ?.And who in the right mind would buy this.

    On a different note has anyone noticed that the hulkspace website has been down since January

  2. This issue is NOT considered to be one of Marvel’s OVERALL best comic, it is just one of their highest SELLING comic of the DECADE. And the people who will buy this, are people who want to start reading a series, and they can start from issue #1. I would buy if I didn’t already gotten the TPB version of Hulk Vol. 1: Red Hulk. Heck I still may buy to just have the issue itself, even though it is a reprint.

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