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At the Movies – Says “Hulk” is Underrated!

This show, made famous by Siskel and Ebert, who now has 2 different guests (I didn’t care enough to catch their names), started a new feature this week called Over/Under – where they discuss movies that are overrated and, subsequently, underrated.  They started with Superhero movies – and both the 2003 “Hulk” and 2008’s “The Incredible Hulk” landed on the underrated list.  Particularly the 2003 Hulk.  Overrated – well, that one went to “The Dark Knight”

World War Hulks Classified (2010) – The Review

World War Hulks: Classified

Yes, I know, this came out last week – I just got around to reading it.  It’s filled with a few short stories that I will briefly cover and then give a grade to all 6 stories.  First up…

“Game Face” – Jeff Parker wrote this quirky A-Bomb story about Rick and Marlo breaking up.  Rick is worried about Marlo’s safety, recounting a lot of went on in the history of the Hulk and how Betty finally died.  Interesting story with a great use of A-Bomb.  Grade: B

A-Bomb with Marlo

“Nobody Dies Forever” – Harrison Wilcox recounts when Bucky Cap, who had a slight case of amnesia, was working for the Gremlin and the Russians who had captured Talbot.  Bucky tortures Talbot for weeks – only for Talbot to remind Bucky of who he really is.  Bucky then helps Talbot escape.  Pretty quick but fun story – Grade: B+

“RAM” – Scott Reed spins a tale about Glen and Betty and their old, new relationship.  Also Talbot is asked to install a “fail safe” in the robot Hulk.  He does – but not before the Hulk comes to life and causes all sorts of damage.  But Talbot wins in the end – both by taking the robot Hulk out AND getting the girl.  Grade: B-

Talbot and Betty - faced with the Hulk! ...sort of

“Heroic Efforts” – Paul Tobin writes a Doc Samson tale about how he promised a man named Bill to help out with one of the Leader and M.O.D.O.C.K.’s experiments.  Samson told him he would be a hero – but instead he was made into a monster – one that was pissed at Samson.  As they fight Samson recounts his fights with the Hulk and says that he lost every one because he thought too much instead of just fighting.  So he just fights this time – and kills Bill.  Grade: B+

Robot Hulk - not as easy to take down!

“Object of Desire” – Harrison Wilcox comes back to write this Red She Hulk story. It seems like just about everyone wants a piece of her – and I don’t mean fighting her!  The Leader, Samson – they all hit on her!  But all she cares about is finding the one person she thought she had killed – Jen Walters – the real She Hulk!  But even after finding her – she can’t do much – because the Leader and the Intelligencia still know how to take her down.  And they still need to “use” her.  Grade: C+

The Red She Hulk rejects the Leader's advances...

“Stupid Champagne Room!” – Another Jeff Parker tale – this one showing how Deadpool becomes Hulkpool and meets up with Bob – sort of a precursor to Hulked out Heroes.  Stupid.  Grade: F

Overall – this is definitely an issue to pick and read – most of the stories are very enjoyable.  Now go get it!  It’s been out for a couple weeks now!