Savage She Hulks #2 (2010) – The Review

Savage She Hulks #2

First, we are taken back to the events of TIH #600 back when Samson and the Red Hulk and Jen Walters stuck around during the explosion of the lab.  We see how everyone survived – and then Lyra finally sets Jen free.  Jen, weak from the constant extraction of Gamma energy being taken from her.  Lyra tells She Hulk that she is there to help her – sent by Bruce Banner – and it concealed by the act of Banner blasting Lyra through three levels of the Hellicarrier.

Definition of Bitch-Slap!

Jen and Lyra talk about their “childhoods” and the origin – the myth and the reality.  Lyra tells Jen about her confrontation with her Mother – which Jen does not take very well or lightly.  She tells Lyra just how amazing Thundra really is.   And then the Red She Hulk comes in and ruins the party.  The emerald women take on the ruby lady – and Jen shows just what it means to be called a Hulk!  The Red She Hulk gets thrown out of the ship – but catches on before she falls out.  Jen tries to talk sense into her and tells her not to listen to the Leader or M.O.D.O.C.K. – and then they try to pull the Red She Hulk back into the ship – only to have her turn on them and throw them both out!

The best thing to come out of She Hulk's mouth ever... even if all the rumors are true!

Not a bad issue – will be interesting to see where the next issue brings us.  Plugged a few more holes in the sinking ship that is Loeb’s career – so that’s not too bad.  The art, this time around, didn’t impress me.  Grade: C+


6 responses to “Savage She Hulks #2 (2010) – The Review

  1. Well, blame the artistic snafu on 2 art teams that don’t mes well together at all, unlike, say, RED HULK #3, which flowed in spite of the tag-team art teams.

    I already tweeted on this but what the hey.

    Last I checked, Sheriff Morris Walters is alive and well. We last saw him spitting out his milk when it was announced his daughter Jenny was marrying John Jameson during Dan Slott’s 2nd Shulkie series. (But Elaine Walters was killed by the same mobster that tried to kill Jen, in SAVAGE SHE-HULK 1st series #4.)

    Good to see the gaps filled in, however briefly, on how Bruce and Lyra made contact.

    The timeline is solved. Lyra was tossed up to save Jen in IH #608, which means Bruce & co. were on the ship before Red Hulk, who made it there in H #21 after Jen escaped (he saw the broken glass). Just as I thought.

    And this issue should finally put a rest to all the rampant speculation that Red She-Hulk is Jen Walters!


    • The Morris Walters thing has been bugging me a little, especially considering the original gangster disappears in the first SHE-HULK series and never resurfaces. So this could be a retcon, or Trask is back, or Jen’s memory is a little screwed up… Or maybe it’s just what Lyra needs to hear.

  2. At the end did they fall out of the same place that the Red Hulk climbed in? Or did this happen shortly after Red Hulk got on? Also we know Red She Hulk is there after Bruce is captured at the end of 609. The timeline is unclear on this. Does anyone know?

    • I suppose next issue will unify the timeline. FWIW, I think everything with Red She-Hulk occurs AFTER everyone else is Hulked.


      • Gary, it is also interesting to speculate about who the last one or two great minds are that they will capture. The latest interview with Pak and Loeb said there is at least one unknown person. Maybe it is Monica Raccupinici. She is a old girlfriend and enemy of Modok and was thought to be dead. The other person is perhaps the Gremlin. World War Hulks is first time in ages he was mentioned. He was also belived to be dead. Finding out they are alive would bump Cho down from 8th to 10th smartest. What do you think?

  3. Raccupinici? Gesundheit! (It’s “Rappaccini,” not to be confused whatsoever with “Frappuccino,” but that’s probably where FVL got the name.)

    The Leader states that he is one of the eight, IIRC in WWHs #1. The rest, we’ll see in Incredible Hulk #609.


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