Hulk Ice Pack (2009)

Hulk Ice Pack

Now, who would have thought about getting the Hulk to help you with your boo-boos?  Hulk is usually causing the hurt – not making it feel better!  But this is where it’s different – here we have a Hulk ice pack – a reusable Hulk ice pack!  The next time someone gets hurt I will run up and say – “Here, let the Hulk let the swelling go down!”  What is this magical green ooze that freezes and unfreezes encased inside this Hulk pack?  I don’t know, but I know it’s awesome!


One response to “Hulk Ice Pack (2009)

  1. Since they made this, next they should have Hulk Brand Alcohol, making “Incredible Hulk”s with Hulk Brand ™ Hennessy!

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