A Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #1

Marvel Treasury Edition #24: The Rampaging Hulk

I really wish these were still being released today!  A lot of them have reprints of classic Comics – but some of them had original stories!  This one here reprints issues #175-#178 (Death of Warlock).  One of the greatest things about issues like this is seeing the classic art on HUGE  pages – each panel is almost as big as the original comics!  I have found quite a few of these and will showcase them this week and the next – so get ready and enjoy!

Back Cover


10 responses to “A Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #1

  1. Wow. These were great. The only one I still have from back in the day is the Batman vs. Hulk – which was fantastic.

  2. Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

    Black Bolt! Your pits!

  3. I had just got this same comic about a week ago Ratchet. Didn’t care for the Hercules story. It shows this isn’t the first time they have tried to link Hulk and him in a indirect way. This was a good hulk story arc. It is right before Len Wein took over. What did you and everyone else her think of the story?

  4. Everyone else *here,I meant.

  5. I just love all those Marvel Treasury Editions! It remind me of my childhood wonder years collecting comics. My first contact with these big suckers was Holiday Grab-Bag-1974. My all time favorite issues were #5, #9, Batman vs. Hulk DC special and the Defenders MTE. As for the MTE #24 the story was ok ( it had very heavy 70ish feel to it). I can’t wait to see what else you got Ratch.

  6. Zeno- the whole hippy/Nam-government/Jesus christ superstar undertones in #176,177 and 178. You would have to be growing up at that time to understand. Issue#175 was down right AWESOME.

    • Well when you put it that way I see what you mean. Warlock was no doubt meant to be a christ figure in this story. I caught that. Jesus Christ Superstar, however I know very little. And I can see that Nixon=evil president that was in that story, now that you mention it. I will have to re read this some time with that perspective in mind.

    • There are some interesting things Roy Thomas had to say about Warlock in the first Marvel Masterworks Warlock volume, released a few years ago. For 4 pages, he went on about the inspiration for the tales right on through the Hulk stories, which were reprinted in the hardcover, too.

      I’ve always liked Warlock, and these Hulk stories were among my first exposure to the character. The original issues were released only a few months before Jim Starlin took control, and look where he brought him!


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