Hulk WILL Be In the Avengers!

Check it out – great news for 2012!  Click on the image for the article…


6 responses to “Hulk WILL Be In the Avengers!

  1. Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

    Simply….. INCREDIBLE!! I hope norton reprises his role as Banner, he was great…. maybe Banner and Stark could brainstorm on a few things, like how to fight the villain, maybe get a Hulk-Buster suit for Iron Man 3 and have a small fight with the Hulk… the possibilities are endless.

  2. They said that they probably won’t have a hulk sequel until after the avengers movie, so if Iron man 3 were to have that, that movie probably wouldn’t be till after 2012 either. I also have a problem with the movie title “Captain America, the original Avenger” when he was NOT an orignal avenger as far as I am aware.

  3. I hope they do get edward norton to play bruce banner,he did such a great job.Either way,it’s great to see the hulk in the avengers movie,and good news to know that we will get a sequel!!!!

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