Daily Archives: April 28, 2010

A Week of Marvel Tresury Editions – Day #3

MTE #5: The Hulk!

This has one of the best back covers – featuring a Trimpe drawn Banner to Hulk transformation!  This great issue contains the Origin of the Hulk – reprinted with a Green Hulk – but also TTA #79 and #100 and The Incredible Hulk #139 and #141 (First Doc Samson) – and even Marvel Feature Presents #11, the Hulk vs Thing.  I don’t think I have found one of these issues that don’t have that great “Old” comic smell to them.  I have a few copies of this issue – and to tell you the truth – one of the copies was going to make its way into the Hulk package for the winner of May’s contest!  I like to call it “The Birthday Card Contest”.  I hope people actually submit cards – cause what a boring contest if no one even enters…

The Trimpe drawn Back Cover!