A Week of Marvel Tresury Editions – Day #3

MTE #5: The Hulk!

This has one of the best back covers – featuring a Trimpe drawn Banner to Hulk transformation!  This great issue contains the Origin of the Hulk – reprinted with a Green Hulk – but also TTA #79 and #100 and The Incredible Hulk #139 and #141 (First Doc Samson) – and even Marvel Feature Presents #11, the Hulk vs Thing.  I don’t think I have found one of these issues that don’t have that great “Old” comic smell to them.  I have a few copies of this issue – and to tell you the truth – one of the copies was going to make its way into the Hulk package for the winner of May’s contest!  I like to call it “The Birthday Card Contest”.  I hope people actually submit cards – cause what a boring contest if no one even enters…

The Trimpe drawn Back Cover!

10 responses to “A Week of Marvel Tresury Editions – Day #3

  1. Now that’s damn good front and rear Hulk cover nuff said!

  2. You can count on me Ratch, as a still rather new collector I’m gonna do what I can to help my collection :P. Just a fair warning, I’m not a decent artist ><

  3. Hey Ratchet, it’s just “Marvel Feature,” not “Marvel Feature Presents”….sorta like there’s no “C” in “M.O.D.O.K.”…;-)

    Good stuff–I do believe I have virtually all the Marvel Treasuries that the Hulk has appeared in, plus DC Special Series #27 (Batman Vs. the Hulk). Adding in my other treasuries I have 20 in all.

    Can you believe all the Hulk books out today? I count six–HOH #2 and variant, Red Hulk #4, and the three second printing variants of the Loeb and Pak issues. I’m not even counting Wolverine: Origins #47 which features Skaar and Banner, and Ultimate Avengers 2 #1, which features the introduction of that universe’s first, African-American Hulk.


    • There is no C in MODOCK… err… MODOK? How did I miss that?

      The covers say “Presents” on it – so I think you can let me get away with that one…

      But yeah – I bought almost $50 worth of comics today – but only 4 different comics… WTF?

      • Yep, Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing = M.O.D.O.K. Although he was originally designed to be the Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing!

        And for any regular series, always check the indicia (that stuff on the bottom of the first page). 😉


      • I get what your saying – yes, it’s Marvel Feature – all I’m saying is that I didn’t just throw the “presents” in there out of nowhere! It’s right on the cover – which is why I said you could let me get away with it!

        But I don’t think you’re going to let me do that, are you? 😀

  4. Funny, I was going to tell the same thing about MODOK months ago but I said to myself nnaahh… I don’t want to come across as a dick. And NO I’m not calling Gray M. a dick because he has more balls than I do and spoke out when I could’nt.

    • I wouldn’t have thought of you as a dick 465 – no worries – just as I didn’t think Gary was a dick for mentioning it.

      But he is a bit anal about that “Presents” in the title! 😛

  5. You guys probably already know this but Marvel Feature 11 was the inspiration for the Thing team up title Marvel Two in One. Issue 12 and had another thing team up and shortly afterward Marvel Two in One started. Steve Gerber did a good job writing the first 8 issues.

    • And another little tidbit: Jim Starlin, who drew Marvel Feature #11, had a dream project he never got to work on at Marvel–what was it? Hulk! Just think, we may never have had the classic Sal Buscema run…or it may have been shorter….if Jim had lent his magic to the Hulk!


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