A Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #4

MTE #16: The Defenders!

The Defenders are, IMO, one of the best and most entertaining Marvel groups.  I wonder if they could ever create a movie out of this super team?  The amazing thing about the Defenders is that they actually kept the Hulk in the group – and not always voluntarily.  This MTE covers some of the more important issues – it reprints the first appearance of the Defenders – Marvel Feature Presents #1 – but also The Defenders #4 (Valkyrie joins the Defenders) and Defenders #13 & 14.  You have to love the shot of the Defenders on the back cover – particularly the Surfer posing like he’s in a JC Penny catalog.

Back Cover


6 responses to “A Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #4

  1. Someone why Nighthawk became a Defender? He seems to me a low rent Batman who brings nothing to the team.

  2. I meant to add {tell me} in there its late and im tired. BTW Ratch have you picked the new Hulk PEZ? It features a sweet head sculpt.

  3. So i take it you prefer the metal bra getup instead?

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