A Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #5

MTE #17

MTE #17 has one of my favorite covers.  I always thought it was hugely powerful!  The crazy thing is – this is the issue that I have in the worst condition.  But, it’s still really great to have!  This MTE reprints issues #121, #134, #150 and #158.  Issue #150 has one of the saddest endings ever.  The Hulk reverts back into Bruce Banner after Havock controls the Hulk – Betty comes to Bruce’s side to see if he’s alright.  But Bruce, in an almost unconscious state, calls Betty”Jarella, my love”.  Betty has no idea what it means – be everyone reading the issue has their heart broken for Betty…  Another collection of great comics!

Back Cover

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5 thoughts on “A Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #5

  1. This has also issue 158. Issue 158 was plotted by Roy Thomas but scripted by Steve Gerber. This is the only issue of the regular Hulk title Gerber ever did. He did use Hulk in nearly every issue of his run on the Defenders. The idea of a counter earth Bruce who never became the Hulk was great. The Hulk returned to counter earth next in the later stories in Marvel treasury 24. Does anyone know if counter earth still exists?

  2. CE Bruce was introduced, albeit in a cameo, in MARVEL PREMIERE #2 before he appeared here.

    Counter-Earth was destroyed in a reality wave by Thanos during the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, as revealed in WARLOCK & THE INFINITY WATCH #4. At the time it had been towed out of its orbit by the Prime Movers of Tarkus, circa MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #62-63.

    A second Counter-Earth was created by Franklin Richards in HEROES REBORN. Where’s that one? Don’t ask!


    1. Thanks for the info Gary. I didn’t know about counter earth Bruce making any other apperance. I had heard some of the other things before. Do you or anyone else know if counter earth made any apperances between Marvel two in one 63 and Warlock and Infinite isssue 4? That would be a span of 10-11 years I think.

      1. No other appearances, but it was mentioned in Steve Englehart’s “Beyonders” arc in Fantastic Four #314-319. Those Beyonders were the same Beyonders as who took Counter-Earth in MTIO.

        And yes, there’s a link there to the Beyonder of Secret Wars fame, too.


  3. At least before Bendis changed the Beyonder’s origin in the Illuminati series. It is hard to see how Engleheart’s origin of the Beyonder in the story arch you mentioned makes sense with the fact Bendis says he was a Inhuman. Back to Counter-Earth,did Marvel want Jim Starlin get rid of that? First Mark Grunewald took it away in 1980 then it isn’t mentioned for 12 years until Starlin has it destroyed.

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