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Hulked Out Heroes #1 (of 2) (2010) – The Review

Hulked Out Heroes #1

I’ve not read many Deadpool comics – but honestly I have to say – he seems like an annoying version of Peter Parker – only, not funny.  He tries way too hard to be funny.  In the last issue of Hulk – Deadpool was turned into “Hulkpool”.  One of the more cringe-worthy moments in the short life of the Hulk series.  But far be it for Marvel to try to sweep this character under the rug, instead they give the retarded character his own mini-series.

Thing as Blackbeard and... Hulkpool

Jeff Parker worked wonders with some of his early mini-series – but the last issue of Red Hulk fell a little flat – and this falls even lower!  Hulkpool heads out with a character named Bob – Hulkpool (alright, I’m done typing that stupid name, from now on it’s BM.  Why BM?  Figure it out.) wants to go back in time to kill his former self.  Unfortunately Bob does not know how to work the controls of Doom’s time machine so well – and instead BM is sent to a pirate ship where the Thing is now Blackbeard (the story from FF#5… You’d think with an issue so historic as Doom’s 1st appearance Lee could have come up with something better than a pirate story where the Thing is Blackbeard!) and the two take over the ship – but are soon attacked.  A mystical man conjures up a huge tentacled creature that attacks the Thing and BM.  This forces Bob to work quickly to save them – but Bob fumbles once again and sends them to prehistoric times.

The Thing and BM don’t stay there for long – long enough to make friends with Ape Men – but are soon sent to 1873, to the Old West.  BM tries to save the Two-Gun Kid’s horse from the Dinosaur that time traveled with the party – but instead gets chomped himself.  Bob sends him through time again – this time to 1945 – where Cap is trying to save Bucky from exploding on a bomb.  BM says he will save the boy.

Blackbeard Thing and the Two-Gun Kid

Wow – this was the worst, biggest waste of time, atrocious issue yet.  I am sorry Parker, but this should never have been released.  BM is an idea that should have died upon inception – not actually starred in his own mini.  Terrible! Grade:

Also – I know there is a variant – I have yet to pick it up – but from what I’ve heard it’s a reprint of the end of Hulk #21 – which is cheap.  And before I end this blog I would just like to say – the art from Ramos (huge fan) is fantastic!  I feel bad for him that he had to use his talents to tell this story.

BM to save Bucky...

Report from Boston Comic Con Apr ’10 – Part 2

On another note – a more positive note – I did get some pretty fantastic art on Sunday from all sorts of artists!  Some of the art I will showcase next week – but for now I will just finish up and let you know how the rest of the con was.  First off – if you are ever looking for a key issue – this is where to go – comic shops seem to bring out their A-list stuff.  Most are very willing to haggle on prices – which is nice – but sometimes I would like to see more “unique” comics – stuff that people don’t see everywhere.  It seemed like every shop there had an issue of #181 showcased.  There was a few impressive comics to see – a CGC 6.5 Incredible Hulk #1, a CGC 9.9 Rampaging Hulk #3 (I mean, a 9.9?  That’s still pretty sweet!), a few beatiful copies of Avengers #1, and one of my favorite covers of all time Avengers #3! 

Every vendor was a joy to talk to – I was also VERY close to getting a CGC 9.6 Hulk #393 signed by PD and Keown – but ultimately passed.  A few art dealers made a showing there – saw an original Kirby page that I will never own – a TTA page I’m still considering contacting the guy about… ooohhhhh, so tempting…. but also – missed out on getting a piece of art from one of the biggest talents there – Starlin.  I couldn’t find his table at first – and by the time I did – I did not have much money left.

All in all, I’m glad that the Boston Comic Con seems to be growing in popularity – seeing Jim Lee was pretty damn cool – and the con bringing in bigger names surely brought out the crowds!  People were waiting in the cold for 2hrs just to get in on Saturday.  Another reason why I go on Sundays – smaller crowd – and I get there early to make sure I can get in and not have to wait in line for long!

Report from Boston Comic Con Apr ’10 – Part 1

Soooo… I spent my Sunday in Boston at the Westin Hotel – the new home of the Boston Comic Con!  I’m not sure if it will stay here – but there sis seem to be a bit more room in this space for both the vendors AND the artists.  Jim Lee was the big draw… I saw him – but my sights were set on seeing Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame.  For those of you who don’t remember Mignola was one of the artists who had the thankless task of taking over the drawing responsibilities after Buscema departed.

Mignola has a reputation for pretty much doing what he wants at conventions, if he feels like sketching, he will – if not… well, he won’t.  Which is fine – except, to me, it doesn’t show respect to the fans who helped you become a huge success.  I know most of his money was made from Hellboy – but he made a name for himself drawing quite a few Marvel books before that… which is why I thought he’d appreciate that I was an admirer of some of his early Hulk work.  But that didn’t seem to be the case.

The couple ahead of me in line asked him if he’d do a quick sketch of Hellboy – he smiled and said “Sure!”  I thought I was in luck – Mignola seemed to be in a great mood – perfect!  Well, it was my turn, I walked up and pulled out one of his Hulk comics – I said “I have sort of a blast from the past for you…”  and he didn’t crack a smile.  He said “Ah, yes.” rather flatly.  I continued praising him with a few compliments and told him about my quest to acquire art from all of the artists who have contributed to the history of the Hulk.  I asked if he would do quick sketch – even if it was a quick Hulk Head sketch.  Without missing a beat he says “I don’t do sketches at conventions”

But he had literally just done one!  Right in front of me!  I later realized it was because I asked for the Hulk – a character he had done before – but not the one he made his “FU” money off of.  At least that’s what I assume the reason to be.  I’ve heard others have had similar experiences with Mignola.  Too bad – he seemed like a pretty nice guy – as long as you were only admiring his Hellboy stuff…

Quite the Auction!

Now here is a chance for anyone looking to get the Hulk comics – to do it in one fell swoop!  Here – the seller has alomost every issue, including a lot of the guest spots!  Even if you aren’t interested in bidding it’s pretty cool to see an auction like this!

Maestro Statue (2010)

The Maestro!

Base - shot 1

Bowen really has outdone himself this time – and I don’t even have my PH yet!  But my favorite thing about statues are the little things that tell a story – for instance, the Marvel Milestones Hulk statue has a base that shows off a huge robotic hand – that to me is just bad-ass – I don’t know about you, but my mind begins to swim with scenarios that showcase the Hulk destroying the enormous robot.  This is one of those statues – and mainly because of the base! 

Full Shot!

Thor's Hammer, Cap's Sheild... and more!


I will get into the statue itself in a minute, but let’s get this out of the way, shall we?  Here is a list of the many relics found on Maestro’s base:

  • Captain America’s Shield (one of the best
  • Spiderman’s Mask
  • Daredevil’s Skull
  • Iron Man’s Helmet
  • Strange’s Eye of Agamotto
  • Wolverine’s Skull
  • Doom’s Mask
  • Thor’s Hammer
  • Black Night’s Ebony Blade
  • Either Ant Man or Wasp’s Skull
  • Gun from the Punisher
  • Hercule’s Mace
  • Deathlock’s Pistol
  • Sabertooth’s Tooth – although, also rumored to be a Jawbone from Predator 2 (from Randy himself)
  • The Ultimate Nullifier
  • Deadpool’s Sword
  • Bullseye’s Dagger
  • Zombie’s Hand
  • Pyro’s Fuel Tank.

Wolvie's Skull and Bullseye's Dagger!

Poor Daredevil... that must've been a bad day...

Iron Man... everyone is always jealous of Iron Man

This statue is out of control!  Randy has also said that not everything has significance – so don’t go crazy if you can’t figure it out!  But I think a perfect mini-series would be how the Hulk finally went nuts and killed all these heroes and became the Maestro – how come this story has not been done yet?  I’m sure PD has it in the back of his mind somewhere… they could highlight how Rick and Bruce became enemies and I would love to see how the Hulk took down some of the heroes!

Maestro's got bling!

Ant Man's skull - Deathlock's gun! And the Predator's Mandible?

The Shield! Still perfect!

I have the Planet Hulk coming – and after seeing this I am even more excited to see that when it comes – because Maestro exceeded all of my expectations!  Yes, there are things I could pick on… such as what the Maestro is wearing – how great would have it been to have added the bad ass crown:

Drink it in ladies! He's all man!

I also would have loved to see his hair and beard be a little more disheveled – not like he just came out of Fantastic Sam’s.  But I can’t complain too much – how many people thought we were going to get a Maestro FS in the first place?  I am psyched to have it in my collection!

Hulk #2, Page #15 (1999)

Hulk #2, Page #15 - signed by Ron Garney

So, here’s the thing – some of you have noticed some of my Hulk pages on the bay… I am trying to focus my collection a bit.  See, my new goal is to have a published page by every artist that has drawn the Hulk.  I am on my way – and even made a really nice snag with this Ron Garney page!  Back when they re-titled the comic just “Hulk” Garney was there handling the drawing duties.  I really enjoy a lot of his art – but this page was a fantastic find – on the bay – and I couldn’t believe I was the only bidder!  After I had won and posted it on Statue Forum a few of the people there admitted that they were also watching this auction – and missed the end of it to bid.

The Fuzz is in trouble!

That makes me all that happier – because it’s all mine now!  Even the last owner told me he hated to let it go – but had to.  Let’s take a gander at my lovely page shall we?  Heck, this is almost a splash page – the Hulk on the bottom, menacing over the Police Chief – holding the little girl – it’s just a great page to look at!  Much like my action figure wall – I want to try to create a art wall.  But that’s something I am missing… wall space.  Anyways, if you haven’t noticed I have re-designed the ART page and separated the published pages from the commissions – easier to navigate that way.

Last but not least – tomorrow I will be posting my Maestro statue!  I just finished uploading all the pics – and there are quite a few!  So don’t miss out!  Make sure you come back!

Dr Doom / Absorbing Man Secret Wars 2-Pack (2010)

Doom, Absorbing Man, Wasp 3-Pack?

I told you before that these 2-packs were done right by Marvel.  You get 2 figures – really well done figures – AND a comic to go with it?  All for $12.99.  Yes, thank you!  Now, I know Hulk really has nothing to do with this package – but let’s look at it this way – in every Hulk line of toys they have had an Absorbing Man.  The Absorbing Man was in the 2003 Hulk movie.  Hulk has sort of adopted this great character – so in turn – I have added this to my Hulk collection.  Not to mention that he comes with one of the best Marvel villains ever – Dr. Doom!  So, how can you say no to this?

The Sculpts are pretty damn nice on these!

Not to mention – it comes with a third figure – a teeny tiny Wasp.  Although, a lack of a face is a little disturbing!

Wasp... without a face