Daily Archives: May 3, 2010

I had an Interesting Weekend…

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So, I have met quite a few people because of this website – I have found many, many other collectors that it is an absolute pleasure to converse with – but I do come across the other side as well… the unfortunate…  See, I was contacted by a guy named Daniel this past weekend – and Daniel wanted a Maestro statue.  He wanted to trade a Hulk vs Wolverine dio for it.  I asked for pictures – he sent me pictures of an unpainted version of the statue above.  I was excited – as this is a rare, rare piece – but there is a problem.

A very talented sculptor named Pablo Viggiano made this dio and Sideshow was considering releasing it.  Ultimately, they chose not to release it.  Some Hulk fans clamored to get a hold of a copy of this – but Pablo decided not to release it as a kit – worried that is may hurt his career.  So, as much as I wanted it – as much as I was excited to be offered it – if it is a recast I’d never be able to look at it in a positive light.  There may be one copy – that Pablo gave to someone in South America – but the owner is not supposed to sell it or recast it.  But who knows?  All I know is that the whole thing seemed too shady for me to feel comfortable going through it.  It was an interesting, interesting weekend though…

Another Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #6

MTE #20

I have so many more to show off – I’m going to keep this little party going!  We will continue with MTE #20 – Hulk vs Doom – I remember these issues well – as they are some of the last that I needed to finish off the entire run.  This issue not only reprints the Doom issues (#143 and #144) but the earlier issues of The Incredible Hulk #136 and #137.  One of the best parts is the small pin-up gallery at the end of this issue.  The only real problem I have with this whole thing is the back cover which features one of the worst renditions of the Abomination ever!

Back Cover