Daily Archives: May 5, 2010

Another Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #8

The Mighty Avengers MTE

You know the killer about this issue?  Hulk’s not in it!  He’s not – but I still got it because he’s on the back cover!  That’s when you know you have issues – major, major issues!  The Hulk appears on the back cover and I can’t help but purchase it.  The first 5 Avengers were so amazing… the fact that the heroes go from fighting the Hulk to having the Hulk part of the team, to the Hulk quitting, to the Hulk joining with Namor to take the team down, only to have Cap lead the team and the Hulk to come back to help them in the 5th issue!  How phenomenal! 

The Back Cover - the only place the Hulk appears!