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Another Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #9

Marvel Treasury Edition #25

MTE #25 actually features a completely original tale – about the Hulk and Spiderman at the Winter Olympics.  Why at the Witer Olympics?  Well, personally, I think it’s because of the freakin’ curling!  What the hell is that anyways?  Who brushes the ice?  And does brushing it really make the stone go any further?  I am not totally convinced.  I know I get pissed off just watching the ridiculous “sport”.  The crazy part is – there is nothing in the Winter Olympics tha thte Hulk would really do well in… maybe the bobsled – but he’d never be able to get in the thing!  And what the heck is the Mole Man doing there?  He lives underground, right?  Deep underground – near the liquid magma (say this last part with the Dr. Evil voice) – what the heck is he doing in the cold?

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