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Another Week of Marvel Treasury Editions – Day #10

Marvel Treasury Editions #9

Alright, this will be the last MTE I show off for now – mainly because the last few I own are more appropriate for the winter weather!  So, I will make sure I post those then – but issue #9 features some of the heroes fights with each other.  The Hulk vs Thor fight is from Journey into Mystery #112 – of course!  They reprinted this issue so many times it bordered on ridiculous!  Not as ridiculous as Hulk #181 – but up there.  And I am sorry, but I have to point out – is Spiderman really stopping the Surfer’s blasts with his webbing?  Is that not like stopping a tank with a pebble?  What craziness is this?  I haven’t read THAT issue – but I still don’t see how it’s possible!  A little later tonight I will post my reviews of Hulked Out Heroes #2 – and Red Hulk #4 – make sure to come back and check out the reviews!

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