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BD Iron Man Hulkbuster Statue (200 )

BD Iron Man Hulkbuster FS


I am a sucker when I see things in person. I was absolutely stunned when I saw this statue at Comically Speaking a few weeks ago. It helps that the owner is a great guy who will work with you on prices.  But enough of that – I never even intended to get this.  I thought it was a great idea – but honestly was not interested enough to actually pick this up.  Then I saw it in person… I passed the first time, even passed the second – but on the third time to the shop – I couldn’t help but ask to see it!  They had both the bust and the FS there – I looked at the bust – but ultimately wasn’t impressed with it.

IM Helmet and Feet

The Shell inside!

Stark is a sexy bastard, huh?

The color was a bit muted on the bust – but BD certainly made up for it with this – the FS has a cherry red color that just POPS!  One of the great things about this is that you can take the helmet off and see the regular IM helmet underneath!  The bust has Tony’s head – which, to me, just doesn’t look right.  Also, there is a small hole right behind the helmet – when you pull the helmet off you can place it on the top to look like the helmet is open.

Hulkbuster - Profile

Helmet up

Sideshow also released a Hulkbuster IM (which is no shock since it seems they always release a statue similar to what Bowen has done) – but again – take off the helemt and you see Tony’s head – which isn’t as cool looking.  Bowen certainly has done this right!  He really rocks the look and the pose!  Even though the Hulkbuster hasn’t taken the Hulk down yet it’s still a fearsome looking foe!  Bowen also released a “Hulk damaged” version.  It’s sort of cool – but one that I am not interested in because, well, it just looks like a broken and scratched up statue.  So, this is the one to get.  Matched up against the Retro Green Hulk – this is fantastic!

IM is in Trouble!

Rock, Paper, Scissors!