Hulk #22 (2010) – The Review

Hulk #22

Let’s get it out of the way right now – let’s just throw it out there – you were right, Gary.  I never doubted you for a second – and congrats for being one of the first to make the public prediction that, yes, General Thaddeus Ross IS the Red Hulk.  After 2 and 1/2 years, 22 issues, we finally see what should have been shown in issue #6.  I have to say, though, I really liked this issue – after being so let down with the last one – this was like a breath of fresh air!  But, It was a long time coming… WAY TOO LONG coming, we had to suffer through crap – absolute crap writing and stories – and shame on you Loeb for using your “superstar” status to hype this drivel.  We had small shots of smart storytelling – issue #18 comes to mind – but mostly it was just terrible. The Offenders, anyone? How about the Wendi-Hulk? Ugh.

Hulked Out FF

But what we have here was actually decent and fun to read!  The Red Hulk takes on the hulked out heroes, my favorite part was the “Uncanny” comment he makes with/about Cyclops.  The whole time he’s fighting he talks about how this was his plan – about how he was the one to come up with irradiating soldiers to unite the world – the heroes being Hulked up was never part of the plan though – but now he was looked at much like Banner always was – like a monster.

Samson does not approve...

Samson looks on and does not like what he sees but the Leader and M.O.D.O.K. look on in pleasure to see their ultimate plan come to fruition.  They know that the Hulked Out Heroes will not survive – they are too unstable and will be dead within hours.  Meanwhile, the Red Hulk finds out that Banner has been caught and he’s looking to still stop all the madness – when he is caught off guard by Spidey and Wolvie.  The Red Hulk finds himself overheating – using too much energy.

The Red Hulk?????

Just as he gets rid of those two he is faced with the Red She Hulk, who was sent to kill him.  Samson again has a problem, saying that she should not be used like this – it could destroy her psyche and she may never recover.  When Samson tries to take the Leader out, M.O.D.O.K. slams him with his ray.  As the Red She Hulk continues to beat on the Red Hulk she finally grabs him and drains him of his power.  The Red Hulk transforms into his other self… General Ross.  And the Red She Hulk says she can’t kill him – because she is his daughter.

So... where is his mustache when he is the Red Hulk?

And there it is.  So now we wait for next month when we will find out the origin.  Maybe we will see what actually happened in the “red herring” fight between the Red Hulk and Ross.  The one where Ross “died”.  And what the hell happens to his mustache?  When he turns into the Red Hulk – does it just fall off?  And then regrows when he turns back?  That’s kind of bologna!  That’s just as bad as Samson’s hair growing long and short in the previous issues!  Well, can’t say it’s the best comic I’ve read – it’s just no longer one of the worst.  Grade: B-

Variant Cover

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10 thoughts on “Hulk #22 (2010) – The Review

  1. See that’s what I said too, many moons ago about Ross’s mustache. On another note- I found out today that 5/28/10 is my last day of work which falls on your B-day! I’ll finally be FREE to live my life. Also, I’m 35% finished with your B-day card and I’m confident that I should finish it by the end of next week.

  2. For your mustache thing, I do remember seeing in one issue of the HULK series (I think from the 90s) where Bruce had a goatee and he turned into a clean shaven hulk.

  3. wow,this actually sounds not war hulks is already going to be a lot better than fall of the hulks,I can just tell.

    1. Gary M. covered that in his Red Hulk article about 7 or so months back. It is on his Delusional Honesty blog.

      1. Yep, I covered it there. That article has made the rounds, and now iFanboy, who hosted the most recent revision of it back in December (just before FotH:Gamma), called me to offer my thoughts on the final revelations. I couldn’t resist, of course:

        Can’t wait for HULK #23. The last 6 pages of this issue were terrific. I love INCREDIBLE by Pak, but this issue was very nearly its equal this month. WWHs is off to a rollickin’ start.


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