The Incredible Hulk #609 (2010) – The Review

TIH #609

So, I am pretty sure this is supposed to take place AFTER Hulk #22 – although it’s not exactly clear.  But Bruce is in the “dream” world the Leader has drawn the 8 smartest men into.  Bruce lives there with Betty, their children and the other geniuses.  When the Hellicarrier is attacked, the Leader asks the Red She Hulk to take care of that while he has “Talbot” make a speech about these new hulked out heroes, and how they have gone insane.  But we see the hulked out soldiers attacking the capitol.  That is, until A-Bomb and Korg come to help fight them.  Not to mention Skaar.

Skaar... he's good to have on your team!

Meanwhile, Bruce is still in the “dream” world where Doom asks Bruce if he finds anything strange.  He says that the others are all getting dumber – but that he has something that might hold the answer – a gauntlet that he can summon that he believes will help them.  Banner takes the gauntlet home and sees the other side – his son, Skip – or Skaar getting beaten by the hulked out heroes.  Skaar uses the Old Power to fight back – and A-Bomb saves him by stepping in front of a blast – but says they need to get Bruce.  Skaar throws A-Bomb to the hellicarrier where Bruce is.

Don't name your child "Skip" - they will get pissed!

Bruce is happy.  That’s all he cares about.  He doesn’t want to know the truth.  Even when Doom comes asking, Bruce denies everything.  He has Betty, a family, the Hulk is dead.  He is happy.  But Doom touches Skip and he turns into Skaar.  Skaar attacks – Bruce heads to the lab to try to find a cure for his son – Skaar still smashes.  Doom tells Bruce to turn the Gauntlet on so that they can go home.  Bruce refuses – until Betty comes out of no where – like Arnold in Commando – and kills Skaar.  Bruce sees his dead son.  Betty says that they should just go home – that they will go to sleep and when they wake everything will be perfect again.  Bruce says he wants the real Betty – and he turns the gauntlet on.

Can Betty ever stay alive? Is it possible?

Bruce awakens in the real world to find the Red She Hulk fighting A-Bomb – and Doom up to his old tricks – trying to steal all of the other’s minds.  But Bruce, being the sneaky bastard he is, turns the tables on Doom – frying his brain and restoring everyone Else’s.  Doom goes to attack – but Red She Hulk comes to the rescue.  She tries to tell Bruce something – but Skaar comes out of no where, protecting Bruce, and stabbing the Red She Hulk – and turns back into her other self… Betty Ross.

Variant Cover

The issue certainly moves along fast.  Much faster and better than this whole “Fall of the Hulks” crap.  They finally are getting the story interesting – but I am going to look forward to some self contained issues.  No more of these “event” stories.  Each one seems to get worse than the next.  This issue is a step up – but let’s finish this off already.  Grade: B

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8 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk #609 (2010) – The Review

  1. Hey man,

    Lemme share something with you I put on my own blog before the big reveal. For years, I was out of comics in general. I still collected statues and read wizard, but I was more or less out. About 2 years ago my buddy in college told me about the Red Hulk and I immediately said “Oh it’s probably Ross” Let me say that if someone as casual as me says that off hand, then there is no need for this to have gone on so long. I read this hoping it was anyone but Ross purely because making this big a deal over a guy who fits the bill to be Rulk is either bad writing or an insult to out intellect.

  2. When I said “I read this” I meant the Loeb Hulk series, BTW. I ran to my LCS to find out…Well at least I found this site and Hulk is now my favorite Marvel Character!

  3. Well, I have to admit I definitely missed that possibility that the Red Hulk is Ross. I think they intentionally get rid of the mustache because it will give out a huge hint about Red Hulk’s alter ego.

  4. Keep looking at that panel where they show Betty at the end of #609. Where did that sword go in, again? Maybe the funniest artist faux pas this year…


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