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Marvel 1975 Calendar (1975)

Mighty Marvel Calendar for 1975

Here is a classic piece of Hulk history!  Sure, it’s a Marvel calendar – but these classic calendars are the best!  I wish they made them like this nowadays… but alas – they hardly have the same charm.  The Hulk seems to always be featured in December – I guess the old saying is correct – “You save the best for last!”

Back Cover

Hulk in December... he almost hit Santa!

And the Hulk ‘s month is littered with great Hulk tidbits – like the layout to Gamma base!  My favorite thing is at the very end – you can see the Hulk being carried by a stork – and the Hulk is wearing a diaper, bringing us into 1976 (the year I was born – suh-weet!)  Now, there are a few really great calendars that I want – the 1976 one is a must for me – but I also need the 1978 calendar.

Click on the image to see super sized! Hulk Month!