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Marvel Glassware Set (2010)

Marvel Glassware Set

I found this set at Newbury Comics a while back.  The set includes 4 glasses and one is the Hulk!  These are very similar to the Toon Tumblers – but the issue with those are that, with each wash, they fade and fade until the image is gone.  And they aren’t cheap!  The newer glasses are a bit better – but still not perfect.  Well, these aren’t Toon Tumblers – they come from Marvel – and they also say to hand wash only.  But this set, selling for $20, even though they are a better deal – you still have to buy ALL 4 to get the one you want.  So, while I usually bought an extra of the Toon Tumblers to use – I only bought one of these sets.

Hulk Glass!

The interesting thing is, the paint application is very different.  They make the images look very old and scratched up, kind of “antiquing” them.  While the Toon Tumblers pint application is very smooth and crystal clear – the Marvel glasses definitely take a different route.  Not worse – just different.  I kind of like it – but prefer the Toon Tumblers crisper style. 

Closer shot of the scratched up image!

The set includes a FF, Cap, Spidey and Hulk glass.  The packaging is pretty sweet itself – littered with a bunch of classic images from A list characters.  The Hulk image… oh boy… it sure does look familiar but I really am not sure from where.  It sort of looks like a Trimpe, more Buscema… but I am not sure – maybe someone else out there knows better?  Anyone?

Marvel Set