BD’s Planet Hulk Statue (2010)

Planet Hulk - in all his glory!
He will mace you...

This is the one I was waiting for!  Out of all the Hulks released by BD – this was the one I knew I had to get – no matter what!  And BD really has outdone himself with this one!  Earlier Hulk statues have had a rocky base – and while that makes sense to the Hulk – and display wise it helps that they are all similar – but this time around Bowen went crazy with the bases.  First off, the Retro Green Hulk had pretty normal base – it was unique in it’s own way – but similar to the others, but then the Grey Hulk came out and blew me away!  The desert base just rocked beyond anything I had ever seen – and that was just the beginning…

The Hulk - with sort of a smile...
Hulk knows fashion... and red is the new... red

The Maestro shows up and completely blows me away in a new way!  All of the characters that appear on the base is outstanding!  So, now we get to the Planet Hulk base.  I want something that tells part of the story – and this does just that!  The spikes tentacles, the alien skulls, the rocky, desert scene – all straight out of the comic!  Can you tell I am excited about this statue?  Even better?  All the options available to display it.  See, the shield is held on by magnets – so displaying without is easy – but so is the HUGE ax that the Hulk comes with.  It can attach to his back but ALSO – the axe fits snugly into the base and looks bad ass near his feet.

The Base - wow!

One of things I look for is accuracy – and with the Hulk it’s not too hard to get it – usually you are looking for purple, ripped pants, sometimes a ripped white shirt, and a green (or grey) monster looking to kick some butt.  But the Planet Hulk isn’t as easy as that – with Planet Hulk he really needs to be shown in his gladiator get-up – helmet is a must, the mace or axe and shield should be included, but the most important is the obedience disc.

A shot of the shield - some have found fingerprints in the sculpt - awesome!

The disc is what makes the story fit into continuity so well – because the Hulk would never be able to be contained without something holding him down.  The disc is what kept the Hulk fighting.  The Hulk is a survivor, no matter what, and he will do what he needs to to live.  In this story, the Hulk almost started to enjoy fighting everyday against a new enemy – only waiting to get his shot at the Red King.  And then, when he was freed from the disc – the story got a whole lot more interesting!  So, yeah, the disc, to me, is pretty important!

How amazing does this look? Answer: totally!

Now, I have all 4 of the “real” Hulk statues that Bowen has realeased this past phase – and I can’t say enough good things about them!  The killer is, is that Bowen has already been asking around for what people might be interested in if he has a NEW Hulk statue in the upcoming phase.  I think more and more people have been saying Fixit – to which I say, yes please!  That or a merged Hulk would make me a very happy fellow!

The Back...
...or with the axe - held on by magnets

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7 thoughts on “BD’s Planet Hulk Statue (2010)

    1. HAHA! thats funny.

      Hey Ratch, I just got the card I sent you back in the mail :/ so it’ll be too late by the time it gets to you, but it will still be sent. 🙂

  1. I’ve had this statue for almost a year and I NEVER knew the axe could attach to the back. Thanks ratchet! Now It looks sharper! Well in my opinion anyway!

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