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The Incredible Hulk #54 Pg. 18 (2003)

The Incredible Hulk #54 - Page #18

So, my new quest of trying to collect at least one page from EVERY Hulk artist is really going well – although, I hate to say it, I was just outbid for another Purves page that I wanted.  I put in a bid that I thought was more than I actually wanted to pay – and still got outbid!  WTF?  Some collector’s out there are only doing the hobby a disservice when they keep paying outrageous prices for things.  But let’s get back to a page I actually DID get – and it’s from one of the artists that I adore – Mike Deodato Jr. – and the page is phenomenal!

Hulk... very angry!

Deodato has graced the pages of the Hulk in two eras – once, while PD was on the book and the Hulk was separated from Banner – but then he changed his style – refined his art and became one of the most impressive artists to ever grace the Hulk title!  I was psyched to find this page on ebay – and for such a reasonable price! 

Good-Bye Abomination!

This is the page where the Abomination asks the Hulk if he ever thought about how Betty felt while she was dying – and as you can tell – the Hulk did not take that very well!  I love the 3 panels that show the Hulk going from sad – to angry – to angrier!  and then the bottom of the page serves up quite the sight of the Hulk slamming his fists into the Abomination so hard – it sends Emil flying!  Awesome!

The original - and the published page...

Here is one of the rare occasions that they show the Hulk’s eyes red.  Sometimes, when the Hulk gets angry enough – his eyes seem to go blood red!  The original page doesn’t show that of course – but what it does show is the amazing detail that Deodato adds to his art!

One last time... the emoting of Hulk!

Ummm… Part 37

I knew the old man got angry in Up – I just didn’t think he got THIS angry!