Planet Hulk Commission (2010)

Reilly Planet Hulk!

I’ve had a ton of small commissions done by Rob Reilly – and when I saw him at the con I couldn’t resist asking for a full, color, up your nose with a rubber hose commission!  The works!  And here, Reilly did me some major props!  Thanks, Rob!  Of all the small pieces he did – I never asked for a PH and have always regretted it… and this is exactly why!  Rob’s style is perfect for an all ages comic – I wish someone would use him in that regard.

Look at that Mug! Come on! How awesome is that?

 I love the cartoony style – but it’s more than just a simple cartoon.  All the little details he remembers to throw in – even the top of the helmet – everything is perfect!  I hope to think of something a little more interesting when I see him again.  I will be requesting a Vs. scene – and I’m thinking a Hulk vs Warlock – I don’t know why exactly – but I just think he could do the characters some real justice!  What do you guys think?

Someone got maced!

Published by ratchet

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5 thoughts on “Planet Hulk Commission (2010)

    1. It is! By the way Grey – thanks for your entry – it is amazing! I can’t stop looking at it! You – and a few others have made this contest very hard to judge!

  1. Hey thanks a lot! It means the most when the person I draw something for likes it. I should also thank you because after completing yours, I got the drawing bug again and started working on a new project in that very same “Class Photo” style! Happy Birthday brother! BTW did you see yourself in it?

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