Daily Archives: June 4, 2010

My Birthday…

My New Detolf!

Was fantastic! My sister bought me a detolf – I have wanted one for so long, but never pulled the trigger. I finally do have one now – and I think the set-up is quite beautiful! I put mostly the new Hulks in there – displayed with some of my favorite issues – except the Abomination on the bottom – displayed with the JRJR page I own!

Now, plenty of people have asked about what’s going to happen with the voting process as far as May’s contest goes… and here it is: Next week, I will be posting all the entries I got – but Friday I will be posting the two finalists (as picked by me!) Everyone will vote for the which card they think should win during the next week – and I will announce the winner the following Monday! Wait until you see these entries – it was so hard to choose finalists because the entries were so phenomenal! I hate having to pick a winner – because none of them are losers!

With PH on the top!