Daily Archives: June 8, 2010

Entry #3

465's Amazing Card!

Hulk 465 – I can’t say enough nice things about you – you are one of my favorite posters – not only that – you are supremely talented!  Now that you have retired you can send submissions into Marvel!  I have to admit – when I opened this card I thought “Contest Over!”  It was so hard to decide the finalists when you are presented with such amazing pieces – and 465, your card was the hardest to knock out of the finals.  I asked outside opinions – and not one person thought it was an easy decision… and most said that your card looked like it came straight from Hallmark – and I agree!  Thanks for entering – and everyone who entered can be sure that they will be getting something in the mail soon…

Inside of the card

465, I miss the days of talking with you on Hulkspace – and am so pleased you came here to keep the conversations going.  Thanks again.  I feel sort of bad, like I am letting down a friend, in a way, that I didn’t choose your card for the finals – and I am sorry for that.  Thanks for the other pieces as well – the copies of your artwork – it’s amazing!