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Finalist #1!

Grey's Card!

Here we are – I will showcase the finalists tonight and then will post a voting poll tomorrow!  Here is Grey’s card – and it’s humongous!  Not only that, when I got it in the mail I couldn’t stop staring at it for hours!  Grey has a unique, almost Hembeck kind of style that really works well with his HUGE  “classroom photo” style art!  I am still astounded by this!  It must’ve taken WEEKS to complete this!  Now as far as I can see he has included the Hulk, Lou Ferigno Hulk, Smart Hulk, Fixit, Maestro, She Hulk, the Crimson Idiot – and the Red She Hulk – Tyrannus, Madman, Bi-Beast, A-Bomb, Cho, Herc, Zzaxx, Brian Banner, Rhino, Thundra, Absorbing Man, Skaar, Hulkbuster Iron Man, Abomination, Jones, Ross (technically the last 2 are on here twice 🙂 ), Hulk’s fellow Defenders, Gremlin, M.O.D.O.K., Korg, Leader, Samson, the 3 little Hulks from the end of recent issues – and is that Betty as the Harpy?  Oh yeah – and don’t forget about me – he also put me in there!  Amazing job!  And congrats on being one of the finalists Grey!

Make sure you hit Grey up on his website to check out his amazing ability – and maybe even commission something for yourself!

one side...

and the other...

Finalist #2!

Fiddy's Card

Here it is!  The submission from Fiddy – the legend himself!  One of the things I love about this card (and yes, it is a card!  It opens up and has a personal message inside wishing me a happy birthday) is that you can tell Fiddy is a fan – he went to the trouble of taking my favorite Hulk comic of all time – the best issue ever – and tweaking it here and there to create one of the most jaw dropping card I have ever received!  Thank you Fiddy – but damn you, all of you!, for making this so hard to decide who should take the top prize!  I did the dirty work of narrowing it down to just 2 – not an easy desicion – now all you have to do is pick which you think should win!  Grey or Fiddy!  I will post the voting blog tomorrow – good luck to both of you!

I love the dialogue between Hulk and Aquon!

This will be my new FB pic!