Finalist #1!

Grey's Card!

Here we are – I will showcase the finalists tonight and then will post a voting poll tomorrow!  Here is Grey’s card – and it’s humongous!  Not only that, when I got it in the mail I couldn’t stop staring at it for hours!  Grey has a unique, almost Hembeck kind of style that really works well with his HUGE  “classroom photo” style art!  I am still astounded by this!  It must’ve taken WEEKS to complete this!  Now as far as I can see he has included the Hulk, Lou Ferigno Hulk, Smart Hulk, Fixit, Maestro, She Hulk, the Crimson Idiot – and the Red She Hulk – Tyrannus, Madman, Bi-Beast, A-Bomb, Cho, Herc, Zzaxx, Brian Banner, Rhino, Thundra, Absorbing Man, Skaar, Hulkbuster Iron Man, Abomination, Jones, Ross (technically the last 2 are on here twice 🙂 ), Hulk’s fellow Defenders, Gremlin, M.O.D.O.K., Korg, Leader, Samson, the 3 little Hulks from the end of recent issues – and is that Betty as the Harpy?  Oh yeah – and don’t forget about me – he also put me in there!  Amazing job!  And congrats on being one of the finalists Grey!

Make sure you hit Grey up on his website to check out his amazing ability – and maybe even commission something for yourself!

one side...
and the other...

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11 thoughts on “Finalist #1!

  1. Don’t forget Aquon in there too! Oh man I am really honored to be a finalist, especially after seeing the other entries! Thank you so much for the chance.

    This contest also got me going again with drawing and finishing your card in time put a fire under my butt. I got the drawing bug again and started my site, which gave me a reason to have to draw more…So thank you for that as well!

    Either way I was happy to do it. I visit this site everyday for around two years and always find something cool to look at. This site makes me want to really focus my collection to a specific property also!

  2. Awesome work by Grey but I think he should had color it so that it can stand out more, but other than that, fantastic! I have a feeling you are gonna be the winner. How big is this card?

  3. Thanks a lot. It was hand drawn pencil then ink. I was thinkng about colorng it but I’m not super confident in my coloring, plus the card is 11 x 14 so I would never have gotten it done right in time.

  4. What fun! and such bad ass cards from everybody. Good call on the contest idea Ratchet. It was a blast making my entry. Glad to have been a part of it.

    That being said, I have cast my vote for Grey’s entry. Jam packed with hulky goodness. It totally reminds me of those little mini cartoons that used to be in the margins on the pages of Mad magazine. I think it was Sergio Aragones who doodled those.

    But I digest… 🙂

    Happy Birthday again, Kudos to all who played, and I can’t wait for the Secretary’s Day Hulk Card Contest!

    1. Thank you. I am a big fan of Sergio’s. When I was very little, my mom bought me a big Groo poster packed with all the characters before I even knew who Groo was.

  5. Ha, yes. That’s really cool you noticed that. In fact, in my Horror Legends piece in the same class photo style, is a/the Portrait of Dorian Grey. So naturally, I signed it on the mantle of the frame and signed it “D.Grey”

    I try to have fun by myself… sad isn’t it? This is the direct link to the photo. You can see it on the bottom.

    The whole overview of the pic can bee seen at my site which Ratchet was REALLY nice enough to mention earlier! (Thanks Ratch!)

    When I finish my He-man one I plan on playing with Grayskull and my name!

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