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Also out in Stores…

Hulk #22 - 2nd Print

Hulk #22 2nd print is out.  This is a chance to pick up an issue that is still on store shelves.  Many, many copies sitting on store shelves – but here is a 2nd print.  Is this series really ending in 2 issues?  It still sells a decent amount – are they really ending this series on a high note?  Is Jeph Loeb really dying?  Oh, well I made up the last part – but Hulk is still supposedly ending it’s run at issue #24.  Have I mentioned how psyched I am to have the green Hulk back?

The Incredible Hulk #610 (2010) – The Review

TIH #610 - Hulk is back!

Guess who’s back?  Back again?  Hulk is back… tell a friend… and all I can say is thank freakin’ goodness they got Pak to come back and write this!  The only man able to take the drivel Loeb has been shoveling our way and making it sweet as hell!  This whole story is almost like every other Marvel story – except just the opposite.  And by that I mean, this was a crap story, until the end, which has completely rocked!  It’s interesting, fun and ties into everything else – unlike anything Loeb has done thus far… and  bonus – it has a JRJR that I actually love!

Betty... relives her better days... of death

This stellar issue starts with Bruce crying over spilled Betty blood as Betty recounts how the Leader made her into the Red She Hulk.  While everyone is ready for her to die – including Betty herself – Samson comes out of the woodwork to save her… by making her angry and making her change.  Betty – now the Red She Hulk starts beating Samson to a pulp.  And then Cho shows up – looking like the Gremlin on steroids – changed, like all the heroes, by the Leader and M.O.D.O.K.’s ray – except, now Cho – who was one of the 8 smartest men in the world – is now THE smartest.

Cho... lookin' fine for the ladies!

As Reed, Pym, McCoy and T’Challa all work on reverting the Hulked out Heroes back to normal the Leader and M.O.D.O.K. show up and release some of Leader’s Humanoids.  Only, with Cho on Bruce’s side, they don’t last very long.  Bruce beats on the Leader – and is even ready to kill him – but gets distracted and the Leader has the chance he needs to escape.  M.O.D.O.K., on the other hand, is facing off against Cho – who is now so bad ass he actually transforms the giant head into human form!

Cho vs MODOK... Head vs Head...

Now, with Samson’s help, Bruce begins to take the gamma energy out of the heroes – and so that the machine doesn’t explode before it finishes – Bruce starts to absorb the excess… and radiating himself into his former green glory!  The machine begins to take on too much energy and in a final bid to show that he was always a hero, Samson steps in.  His energy is siphoned off so much – he is actually burnt to a crisp – only having enough time to tell Bruce how he’s always believed in him – and so has Betty.  Reed worries about what the Hulk will do once he’s released – but Cho reminds him, that’s what Bruce has been training Skaar to deal with all this time.

Banner screams like it's 1962 all over again!

And then it happens.  The machine explodes – the Hellcarrier is destroyed – the world is saved – and the Hulk is back!  Much to the delight of Skaar, who raises his sword and says “Finally.”

I missed you Big Green!

This issue couldn’t be any better – with a huge brawl set for the next issue – it should be even more fantastic!  I can’t wait!  Grade: A+

Kubert Variant

WOW – Pages leaked!


Pages from Hulk #23 – which doesn’t come out until next week are already available to be purchased on the Graphic Collectibles website – anyone who likes spoliers should check it out (by clicking on the image above) – but I am going to stay away – I like to be surprised when I read my comics!  Take a gander if you will – while I get TIH #610 review ready…