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Hulk #23

Since this rag is getting better – let’s all cross our fingers for the big “Origin” event of the Crimson Idiot is actually worth reading!  On shelves this Wednesday…

7-11 Incredible Hulk Glass (1978)

1978 7-11 Hulk Glass

There are 2 Hulk glasses you can get from 7-11 – this is the rarer – and the better looking. The 1977 glass – although older – is more plentiful and can usually be found for around $10 on ebay.  There are a few of these glasses on ebay that people try to sell for about a hundred – but that’s not what I paid.  I like rare collectibles – don’t get me wrong – but some of these collectibles are not worth what people are asking (Stretch Hulk comes to mind).  This glass is a lot thinner – or maybe I am just used to the Toon Tumblers heft now – so it’s also a lot more fragile.

Back of Glass

I wonder how much Hulk stuff we would have had the 70’s show not been a hit – or worse – not produced at all!  I can only thanks the Marvel gods that they did produce such a show – and with that came a ton of Hulk merchandise!  The Hulk, at one time, rivaled the popularity of Spiderman – maybe even more so – because having a network, prime time show means that Housewives who have never picked up a comic before suddenly know the character.

This Hulk Image Rocks!