Hulk Classics’s Absorbing Man (2003)

Hulk Classics Absorbing Man

This is one of the most sought after figures from any Hulk line… ever!  It’s not even a Hulk figure – and even more-so – it’s the Absorbing Man!  Who is actually, for all intents and purposes, a Thor villain.  But – this figure is WAY better than any Absorbing Man before OR after – and one of the best parts – the thing that puts it over the top, the thing that no one has even tried to do again (but SHOULD) is the interchangeable arms.  One is steel, one looks like iron – but the third is the ultimate – a Hulk arm!  Although – that hasn’t happened in the comics.  I am not 100% sure – but I think the Absorbing Man can only take on properties of inanimate substances. 

Closer Pic

You can’t see this in the photos – but this figure (which easily sells for a hundred +) that I found in a LCS – just sitting on the shelf! This figure is actually complete – but off the card.  I put it together with some glue and tape and it looks fantastic!  Just like it was before someone haphazardly took it out of the package!  I’m not sure if I asked this before – is anyone out there who collects keep the figures in the package like I do?  I know a few collectors out there, like JG and Sean, they take these little plastic treasures out of the blister cards – but I love them the way they look inside the package!

By the way, has anyone seen Toy Story 3 yet?  Freakin’ movie is fantastic!

19 responses to “Hulk Classics’s Absorbing Man (2003)

  1. Nice toy, ratch. I also like the interchangeable arms too. Also Absorbing Man has absorbed the Hulk’s power before (Incredible Hulk #209).

  2. nope.never open any of them.not me at least!!

  3. Hey Ratch-there were two versions of this figure-actually of the HULK arm a large one-which you have and a smaller HULK arm, Creel is exactly the same -just thought I’d share this with you ’cause I know that you’re going to want both versons-Take care-Mike

  4. nice score Ry!

    You are correct – I prefer to open mine up but sometimes by multiples to have one open and one sealed up. For something like this I would probably opt to keep it sealed up like you have done.

  5. After I ran out of room to display the figures in my classroom, I kept all of the ones after that sealed.

  6. Speaking of TS3. That movie was EPIC. It’s one of my Top 5 favorite movies.

  7. Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

    Dude, Toy Story 3 was awesome! It was up there with Avatar and Hulk in my top 10 all-time favorite movies.

  8. Dude, I dont see the point in buying somethig to not open it up. You gotta play around with the poses before you stick em on your shelf. Plus I find that leaving them in pcaks takes up way to much room and I’m running out of that quickly! ould you imagine how much bigger my collection would look all on cards? But I can kinda get it with figures, at least you see them. What I dont get is the guys that buy statues and leave them boxed up!! $300+ for a heavy box??? No thnaks!!

    • I did not mean any disrespect in any way Sean, I am all for opening up figures – a lot of times I will buy doubles to open one up – but I think the whole package is too awesome most of the time not to show off in the original package!

    • And yeah – those guys who don’t display their statues? Bonkers!

  9. I”ve seen another version with Spidey and Absor-man 2 pack, painted differently. TS3 is an instant classic for me. On my last note Ratch, what do you think of SS: Hulk comiquette and will you buy it?

    • The comiquette is a HUGE disappointment… I am more inclined to wait on picking that one up – for way cheaper on ebay in the secondary market.

      Apparently I am not the only Hulk fan disappointed either – the Exclusive ES is set at 500 – which is REALLY low for an A lister like the Hulk.

      I have seen that Absorbing Man in the Hulk 2-pack – I almost settled TWICE on getting that version – just so that my set would be complete. Of course, now I am happy that I never did!

      • I totally agree when it comes to SS: HC. It seems that SS can’t nail down the Hulk’s face correctly.

    • I have both of those Absorbing Mans…the single and the spidey pack and unless I’m looking at it wrong, the only difference was the button was/wasn’t painted on his pants.

  10. I am an unabashed figure opener. Of the Hulk figures I’ve got, I have kept a few in package though. The Marvel Legends Icons Green and Grey variants, Marvel legends 1st appearnace (straight fingers), a couple Target exclusives from a couple years ago, and the Marvel Select Red and Green Hulk, though I did get 2 Greens because that big mother just SCREAMS to be let out.
    The stuff I open I do keep the blister and card. You know, for posterity…

    I have an assload of mid 90’s Star Wars guys that I kept in the package and shall dole out accordingly to my son. He’ll think they’re brand new!

    My wife is cool enough to let me display my guys on the “Hulk Shelf” in our dining room. Only drawback is I am required to dust said guys… 😦

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