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Marvel Legends Planet Hulk Variant (2007)

Planet Hulk - Silver Arm Variant!

So, I finally broke down and picked this figure up off the bay – for a little more then retail – but not too much to aggravate me!  I of course would have wanted this figure out of the 2 choices – this one makes more sense!  The silver arm is a must!  One of the thing I look for in anything – commission, figure, statue – is that it is comic accurate!

A mug only a mother can love... or, as it turns out - an Oldstrong!

Take a look at my ART page – and at the Chris Stevens commissions – I wanted PH – and at first he gave me a WWH, but then he gave me a planet Hulk figure – it was just missing one thing… and interestingly enough – it’s the same thing that’s missing here – the obedience disc!  I know that the Hulk destroyed it halfway through the storyline – but while he was wearing this armor – he certainly had it on!  Things like this bum me out a bit – but that’s because I am a big nerd and need to get a life…

The 2 variants together!