Peter Parker: Spider-Man #14 (2000) – The Review

Peter Parker: Spider-Man #14

Wow!  What drama did I miss?  I love Ratchet drama!  About 5 years ago I saw the guy get into a fight with an 11 year old on a go-kart track!  Not a fist fight mind you, just a shouting match, but it was still pretty hilarious.  From what I can remember the kid cut Ratchet off at the last minute and almost made him ram another person.  Then the kid climbed out of the go-kart and said “You’re racing a pro!”  From there all I remember is Ratchet telling the kid off and finding the kid’s Father where he volunteered “with the Father’s blessing” to teach the kid some manners.  It was pretty classic.

Remember the clone saga! HA!

Anyways, I take it he hasn’t heard from King Hulk, so let’s move on to the review.  Another Spider-Man issue where he faces off against the Hulk.  This is the issue with Peter trying to deal with the fact that Mary Jane is dead.  All of her loved ones gather to grieve but Peter is out taking on every one’s favorite green giant!  I know John Romita Jr. is going through a lot of criticism as of late and I think it’s a bit justified.  His recent work isn’t really up to his older work, but this issue features a knock down, drag out fight.  The thing Spider-Man has on his side is speed and his never say die attitude!

Hulk gets the Spider!

The Hulk even captures him a few times but Spider-Man finds a way out of the mess!  He even blinds the Hulk with some webbing and while the Hulk flails about he gets in a shot on Spider-Man which send him flying into a newsstand.  Papers litter the street and Peter sees an article that says Mary Jane “Feared Dead”.  Enraged, Peter heads back out to finish the battle with the Hulk!

One of the most memorable parts of the issue is where J. Jonah Jameson actually puts business aside for once in favor of letting his staff  and himself stay with Aunt May at the “wake”.  Meanwhile, Peter and the Hulk is tearing up the train tracks  in their battle!  Peter pounds and pounds and pounds until his fists are bloody and bruised screaming about finding his wife.  When he can’t hit any longer he looks up to see the Hulk starting down at him.  The savage Hulk commiserates with Spider-Man, saying that his wife is dead too.

Did you get into a fight with a brick wall? Worse... the Hulk!

That’s when Peter sees the train coming.  He tires to put the broken tracks back together and can’t, until the Hulk helps too.  The Hulk does the heavy lifting while Peter mends the track and the train passes safely.  When Peter goes to thank the Hulk… he is gone.  Peter heads home and as he sits on his bedroom floor, the phone rings.  The voice on the other end tells Peter “She’s alive.”

Hulk and Spider-Man make nice!

Overall, I think Romita Jr. did a spectacular job in drawing a brutal fight between to superheroes.  I love the end of the battle where the Hulk finally connects with Spider-Man.  This is a fun, affordable issue worth picking up is you like splash pages of the Hulk smashing things up! – Later, David

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  1. Hey guys. Has anyone spoke to Ratchet? I’ve been gone for a bit and just wrote him but he never got back to me. I see him post all day on other forums so I was wondering what’s up.

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