Hulk #24 (2010) – The Review

Hulk #24

Alright, where the heck is David’s reviews?  That guy is going to get it!  Anyways, I am back to review Hulk #24 – although, after I read it I didn’t really feel like reviewing it.  It’s still full of holes and crappy plotting by the master of disaster – the one and only – Mr. Jeph Loeb.  I want to take a minute before starting this review by saying, as terrible as the story has been with Loeb at the helm, Jeff Parker is taking over with issue #25.  As much as I would have loved to see the character just die I think this is the second best alternative – someone else writing the series.  Loeb just needed to be off the book.  He should never be allowed to write the Hulk again.  Seriously.  If he walked into the Marvel offices tomorrow and said “I have this idea for the Hulk…” Joey Q should body slam him Jimmy Superfly Snuka style.

Some more Wrap around action!

Well, this issue begins where the Red Hulk is ready to take control of the country – but the real Hulk, now back, has something to say about it.  Ummm… when does this take place?  Because The Hulk re-gammified and them immediately fought Skaar!  And this was no minute and a half fight – but the Red Hulk went straight to the White House… and the Hulk is there too.  This is giving me a bad memory of when I saw Mickey at the Magic Kingdom AND in Epcot – in the same hour!  In different outfits!  I knew it couldn’t be possible!  And that was last year…

Red - getting his ass handed to him - as his daughter gets her ass handed to her!

Anyways, Let the battle begin!  The Red Hulk is shocked that the Hulk is standing in front of him.  He was so sure he had finally defeated and gotten rid of the Hulk.  Reading this comic, I was really wishing it was like the Gong Show – where I could hit the gong and another writer would come in.  Really, Red?  You thought you got rid of him for good?  Not to mention that Bruce is one of the smartest men alive – but if you’re that angry – just do it again.  It was easy enough the first time!  Oh – that’s right – that would make sense.  Loeb wouldn’t want common sense and accuracy to interfere with his plots.  That would just be silly – and upset the 6th graders – and those with a 6th grade mentality – that adore his writing.  So, the Red Hulk is now facing a Hulk he hasn’t in the past – the WWH Hulk – the strongest personality yet.  And this Hulk can  not only give devastating blows – but dish them out as well.

Remember when Red overheated in issue #6 - yeah, this is worse than that

McGuinness once again is the only real reason to check this book out as he gives page after page of beautiful knuckle punches and head butts.  The Guy is a master at drawing head butts!  Betty is there and tries to stop Bruce from killing her Father – I am a bit confused on the Red She Hulk’s personality – they were making her out to be a cold killer – but now she seems like… well, Betty instead.  What happened exactly?  Once they found out who she was she suddenly started caring?  That makes no sense… oh Wait – of course it doesn’t.  We don’t have to worry about her for very long though – Jen Walters Ks her ass O.  And what is this?  Well – the Green Hulk is beating the Red Hulk so bad it looks as though he has damaged his eye!  That’s the one weak spot the Red Hulk really has – as you remember from his fight with Wolverine.  It took practically 3 issues for his eyes to heal!  Good job Hulk taking out hi… oh wait, never mind – a page later and it’s healed.  WTF?

In other words... "Who's your Daddy?"

Well, the Hulk doesn’t let Red get away – even though he tries to – but when Hulk catches up to him Red delivers a brutal blow that sets off an atomic bomb!  The Red Hulk basks in his win – until the Hulk comes away from the blast without a scratch… and basically asking for more.  Then the Hulk – doesn’t hit Red, oh no, he claps – you read right – he claps.  He sends Red flying into the Lincoln monument and tells him he’s beaten.  He says not to bother turning back into Ross – for if he does he will be tried for treason.  And in a really pathetic twist in the end – Hulk and Cap – well, former Cap – go into the base where Red is being kept in a cell – just like Banner in the first issue.  Oddly, Banner says he designed it himself – so that even the Hulk couldn’t escape if need be.  Haven’t we heard that before?  And is this the same cell where Bruce was kept before?  Cause that really worked well in keeping the Hulk contained. (Sarcasm Detector!)  Red is in his cell smiling – saying he knew that they come to him looking for help.  Wow.  Just… horrible.  I wish I was there when he told everybody the ending of his Hulk opus – I can see him saying it with such enthusiasm – and being met with uncomfortable stares.  And then someone saying – “Yeah, that’s fine.  Just finish this thing already.”

Red's taken down... by applause...

Can I ask why Loeb keeps bringing up that Red punched out a Watcher as an accomplishment?  First off – he sucker punched him – secondly, the guy wasn’t going to fight back – and even worse, he was just watching at the time!  He wasn’t even wanting a fight!  It’s like a boxer punching out a spectator!  It wasn’t brilliant or funny or even worth repeating ever!  Not to mention – the Red Hulk’s powers seem to be what is needed for the story at the time – and them all of a sudden they disappear.  Thank goodness Loeb is leaving… Grade: D+

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37 thoughts on “Hulk #24 (2010) – The Review

  1. Yeah. Gotta say that reading this has been my guilty pleasure – except when some hack was drawing this book.

    There’s enough grounds to make the Red Hulk a decent character, and hopefully the next writer (Parker?) will come up with a more mature work. Is McGuiness leaving for good?

  2. It’s not that Rulk’s power vanished in the issue. It was simply the fact that Rulk wasn’t fighting the same Hulk he slapped around at the beginning of the series. He was fighting Green Scar.

    1. That shouldn’t matter – and wasn’t even discussed in the issue – but it still shouldn’t have mattered – an Absorbing power shouldn’t just stop working – or have Red unable to use it – because it makes no sense.

      And that’s the point – these stories MAKE NO SENSE!

  3. Good review, as always, Ratchet. I made my thoughts known tonight as well–man, what a confusing set of ideas thrown at us this time around!

    My Review of HULK #24

    Pretty art, though.

    Makes me wonder what’s in store for INCREDIBLE HULKS #612.

    Seeya in 14!


  4. ratchet you missed one plot hole in the story. The Hulk claims that he is bruce banner in control of his alter ego which means the WWH-Hulk personality you saw in incredible Hulk#611 was not in Hulk#24.

  5. Hi Ratch! I was wondering how you would view this issue. I don’t think you’re wrong about what you are saying, but I also think that Loeb is a Silver Age DC writer. I believe he has fun with his comics. I get that to a lot of people that sounds disrespectful, or dumbed down, but it seems he is more interested in metaphors and philosophical moments than a squeaky clean air-tight story.
    I also think that even though it might be time for him to go, there is a time and place for Loeb as well. Don’t hit me.

    Oh and thank you again!

    1. What “metaphors and philosophical moments” have you seen in this series? The plot holes would be more easy to tolerate if there was something else the story had to offer. Characters,themes,etc. Haven’t seen much of that in this series.

    2. I see what you are saying Grey – I mean from the beginning people have said to take this series as “tongue in cheek” – but I am sorry – it should at least have decent, if not a seemingly accurate, continuity. I mean, the Red Hulk was one of the most powerful beings ever seen in the MU – and he was taken down by a thunder clap? Bogus!

      1. We are in agreement about almost the whole thing I think. I’m not happy with the way most of it was handled, but I’m trying to see the potential. That said however, I am newer to the Hulk than most of you guys, so I guess it’s just a matter of how we feel about those factors we agree on. does that make sense lol?

  6. I am glad I didn’t pick up this issue. The last issue was ok. Not great but aside from the ending not bad either. This issue on the other hand is not something worth paying 4 dollars for. To put it mildly.

  7. Zeno I agree that there are HUGE plot holes, something I’ve always felt was Loeb’s problem. I wasn’t speaking on the entire run though.

    As far as theme’s go, I think duality played a huge part in this issue. Look, I think internal narration is something that Loeb does well. He took on that same type of theme in the early issues of Superman/Batman (Not a book I was too fond of, but I appreciated the way he slithered in and out of mindsets, and allowed them to intersect.) It’s true that he seems to milk that theme though.

    Philosophically, I think this issue allowed us to change the narratives from red to green and green to red. Look maybe I’m giving him too much credit, but I guess I’m an optimist.

    I do think he tried to (and needed to) make up for a lot of big mistakes and only one issue might not be enough time. I also think that he needs to go away, but I am sorry that he doesn’t have a writing partner to help him focus more on the big picture because I enjoy his reflective narration.

    I come in peace, and now I’ve said my piece!

  8. Hey I was thinking- you wanna write like an opposing side on my blog? When people throw quotations around they’re usually mad, but don’t be- I love passionate people and their opinions!

    1. Grey, I was not offended or upset at all. I certainly did not think my post would come off that way. As for your blog,well maybe. Jeff Loeb did try to make up for some of the mistakes since issue 13. Here is what I think of his plotting skill. Long Halloween showed he could plot a story without holes. He has used it as template for many of his future works. But like this and Hush and to a lesser degree,Dark Victory,he has not been able to construct a mystery that is well plotted. He keeps throwing twists in the story but things are either unexplained or don’t fit. Writers like Agatha Christie could pull this off. And that’s what those series were,murder mystery puzzles. Unlike a good mystery writer he did not plan the story but just threw plot twists in for the sake of it. Does any else have thoughts about this?

      1. Cool my friend, no harm done or taken. As far as my blog, here is a standing open invitation! It might be fun for people to read us argue.

        Now back to Loeb- I agree with you, as it seems he shot his payload with LH and began to fall apart with Hush and then Superman / Batman. Hush was disappointing as far as mysteries go, but again I must say that I enjoyed reading the Batman narratives. Hush would have been great if there was no mystery to it, and while I can’t say the Red Hulk saga would have been great, I can say it might have been a fun ride if Ross was exposed around the 10th or 12th ish. Good talk my friend!

        And yeah- Anyone else?!

      2. Here’s how I see it…

        Loeb is like that one hit wonder that M. Night Shamalamading-dong is. M. Night wrote and directed the Sixth Sense – it was amazing! Every work after that is sub-par. I loved some of his other stuff – but it never reached the potential that 6th sense did.

        As far as this series went – it could have been great if the mystery was revealed as they first designed it to be – a 6 issue mini-series. The problem is, Marvel realized they had a bigger hit on their hands then they first thought and asked Loeb to stretch it out – and it became the crap you saw… now I am not saying it would have been great… I’m just saying there is more potential when you don’t stray from your original idea.

        They should have still released the mystery at issue 6 and could have continued the series from there – instead Loeb becomes a laughing stock…

  9. Nice review. Hi Ratchet, they are coming out with a new cartoon called Avengers: Earth Mightest Heros this fall. The Hulk is one of their members.
    It looks AWESOME.:)

    Also I thought the Red Hulk passes out if he unleashes too much Heat?

  10. Maybe part of the reason they kept the title past 6 issues,aside from making more money,was because at that time there was not a regular Hulk title in the marvel universe. I prefer to think of it as a Red Hulk title,not as a title about the original Hulk. There was one issue that was Bruce only but aside from that he was never the main character. Of course the damage to regular continuity was done just by having this in the regular marvel universe.

      1. What I meant was they needed a title with the name Hulk in it to keep the character in the minds of comic book readers. The current thoughts I mean. Not like anyone would forget.

  11. its good to read the site after 2 months of exams people still dont like loeb writing and The Hulk is back and kick rulks ass

  12. Hey all. I was totally looking forward to Ratch’s thoughts on this ish. Thanks for popping back in and hitting us up.

    Something Grey said up there I noticed and totally agree with: The dual internal dialog stuff loeb actually does decently, and I enjoy how it sort of parallels itself. I too noticed the similarity to batman/superman, and that was the one thing I dug about the few issues of that book I checked out.

    Glad to see loeb coming off the book. This is had some of Mcguiness’ best Green Hulk renderings yet.

    Complete side note: I was watching the movie “Walk Hard” starring John C. Riley last night. At one point, his character, Dewey Cox has a Glen Campbell style variety show that is “getting killed in the ratings by the Incredible Hulk”. His manager goes on to say “…to be fair, they had a special episode where it’s revealed that the Hulk has a twin… except he’s Red…” thought you guys might get a kick outta that…

    be well.


      1. Grey,I meant tell you I agree with your point on Loeb and first person narration. His Daredevil series was decent for example. It seems his problem is constructing a reasonable mystery. However this current Hulk series had some other problems like poor dialog.

  13. It seems the original Abomination is coming back. The recent interviews on Newsarama and CBR. In the Chaos War a Hulk villain who died since 2000 and who had major ties to a number of the characters will come back. Not aware of any other Hulk villains that have died since then. Plus the past relationship with multiple hulks would fit Bruce/Hulk and now Betty/Red She Hulk.

  14. Herc is coming back too.

    Zeno, you hit the nail on the head. That’s why I wish he had a partner to map the story out for him while he wrote the dialogue. I mean I knew Hush was Tom Elliot the second he showed up, and I knew it was Ross before I read the first issue!

  15. Ratchet,this is carrying over from our savage Hulk debate/discussion on dailypop’s website. It is interesting that you said Peter David did not want to do the Savage Hulk but he has done a few stories using that Hulk over the past few years. I am not including the ones before the merger because those were brief. Interestingly they are after his second run. 1. The Champions story in Giant Size Hulk written during Planet Hulk. 2. A prose story with Dracula released in Monster sized Hulk. About the last 6 issues of Marvel Adventures
    Hulk that was written for younger readers.

    1. At the time he was fired from the book – Marvel wanted the Savage Hulk back and PD didn’t want to write him. This was back in 1998 though…

  16. I just don’t like all this Hulking that’s going on. Skaar is cool tho. Thunder clap, both in 611 and 24, is not a cool finishing smash.

  17. I agree about the thunderclap. The Savage Hulk’s finish in issue 6 was better than that. Also, I agree with HULK ( the fan, the poster, whatever, ) wasn”t banner in control and not the Green Scar. Remember what he told Ross when he won ” You see, all these years you’ve studied the HULK, I studied you”. Then again if it wasn’t for Loeb’s crappy writing this wouldn’t be in discussion. When did Hulk get so complicated anyway? Savage Hulk, Green Scar, Banner Hulk? I wish they’d keep it simple instead of wondering which Hulk will be in the next book. HULK IS HULK dang it!

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