Hulk Cards! The Theme for September!

I went through some of the Hulk trading cards earlier – but rather quickly and sloppy, I might add, so I am going to do it right this time. This summer I had the time to go through the sets I had – most were given to me by my friend Bill – and I spent some time finding and plugging holes. There are still some holes – and maybe in doing this in September people can help people out here. By that I mean, I will be posting some of the sets and I will also be posting any holes left in the set – if anyone out there can help me out – GREAT! And the other way around of course – let me know what you are missing and we can all do each other a solid!

See you in a couple of weeks!

8 responses to “Hulk Cards! The Theme for September!

  1. I’m really glad you’re doing this theme, just last week I cleaned out my LCS of their hulk cards, only took about half an hour to go through them all to find all the hulks, one of them was that holofoil one you have in that picture, very sweet, also I was gone for awhile and I’d like to say myself that I’m glad all is well and that you are back 😀

  2. Hey Ratch, I’m going to start doing a casting call for a Hulk movie, starting with Hulk #1 from a couple years ago. I’d love to hear some opinions from the expert, (or any other expert as well!)

  3. Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

    New “HULKS” comic comes out 2 times a month! YEEESSS!!

  4. I have the hulk card at bottom of your pic. but not the other two above it,and i love the hulk bottom card

  5. oh above, I mean the out of date part, is the power bars, cause they are either stonger or weaker now

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