The Incredible Hulks #612 (2010) – The Review

Incredible Hulks #612

Pak is out of the World War Hulks constraint and can now get back to his storytelling.  Much like him – Bruce Banner is looking to get things back to normal.  Well, as normal as they can be when you’re best friend has turned into a blue monster, your son is a half alien that no longer wants to kill you, but also needs looking after now since he’s inside a child’s body, and your wife… is… well, a Hulk of a different color… and no longer your wife.  Bruce wants normal again – even with all of that going on.

#612 Superhero Squad Variant

He goes to Betty with a promise… and a ring.  Her ring.  From when she was once Betty Banner.  She tells Bruce no – but Bruce, being Bruce, doesn’t listen.  He tries to slip it on her finger and that sets her off.  She Hulks out and says the Hulk’s famous catch phrase:

Oh... THAT'S Original...

Bruce goes after her – but she just beats the Hulk out of him and then acts as though they are playing a favorite game.  Skaar even tries to come to the rescue – but gets swatted away like nothing – and when Betty jumps off Skaar apologises to Hulk.  But Hulk takes it all in stride and says “We’re Hulks.  You know something’s going to get broken.” and he shows off the twisted piece of metal in his hand that was once the wedding ring of Betty Banner.  Grade: A-

The Circle of Trust...

5 responses to “The Incredible Hulks #612 (2010) – The Review

  1. Wow, thast the shortest review you have ever done!

    • I had to do it from memory – and I think I got the major points in there! Besides, Smashin’ was on my butt to post it.

      No worries, my other reviews will continue to be more thorough! 🙂

  2. Is Banner in control of Hulk now because that was mentioned in Hulk#24

  3. Man, it’s still sad for everything to end up like this for Bruce and Betty. I was always down with the pairing. After everything happened, you’d think those two would get a break, but no….no.

    Well my thoughts are telling me the same thoughts. That this was going to be tough for them to get together. Bruce had it rough, he lost Betty the first time, and when he was the hulk while in space, he lost Caiera. Even though there’s a chance for Bruce/Betty to get back together. chances might be slim. Besides Marvel does stuff like this to make the story good, sometimes at an expense of somebody’s relationship.

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