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Marvel 70th Anniversary Set (2009)

Base Card #29 - Hulk vs Herc

Here is a set that I didn’t think I was going to be crazy about but I was wrong!  I love this set – although mine is not complete yet… I have the 75 base cards, I have the 9 tribute cards, I even have all 9 of the character cards – what I am missing are 3 of the “Clearly Heroic” cards and a bunch of the freakin’ stickers.  I would totally be willing to trade whatever I have for anyone’s doubles of the cards I need… Let me know soon – otherwise I have to hit the ‘bay again…

Base Card #34 - The Defenders!

Base Card #51 - Hulk vs Wolvie!

But if it’s one thing that Marvel has learned with these card sets it is about the chase!  While I have the base set, there are 2 versions – one set is on a thin, cheap feeling cardboard – the other is a shiny, thicker card – guess which set I have completed?  I would like to get at least the Hulk cards on the shiny cardboard, but alas I have none yet…

Base Card #47 - Secret Wars!

These cards feature covers from the 70 years that Marvel has been putting comics out.  The Hulk has a few, including a TTA – Hulk vs Herc cover – The Defenders 1st appearance, the Secret Wars #1 cover, Issue #340, and a WWH cover.  The one cover omitted that I think should have been included?  You guessed it, TIH #165!  I know, I am living in a dream world…

Base Card #68 - WWH!

The Tribute cards feature Cap, Human Torch and Namor.  Like I said – I have those – on the thinner cardboard.  But let’s get back to Hulk!  There are 9 character cards, on the front you see an image underneath the word Marvel.  On the back is the same image, unobstructed, with the year they first appeared.  I have all of these cards – and actually an extra Hulk. 

Hulk Character Card #C3 - Front

Aaaaannnnddd... the back!

The “Clearly Heroic” cards are clear cards that have two images of a certain character.  I have the Hulk, the Thing and Iron Man – I need the Spiderman, Wolverine and Captain America cards.  And they have yet another set to chase in this series – they have stickers!

Hulk Clearly Heroic #P2 Card

There is a set of 18 stickers – I have a few of these, including the Hulk, but don’t have them all.  So, this is a great set – some ebay seller was selling a complete set – and I mean complete!  It had the base set, the foil base set, the tribute set, the foil tribute set, the character cards, the clearly heroic cards, the stickers and a box with the promo cards.  Insane!  And it’s just over a hundred bucks!  Anyways, if you need any cards, have any that I might need, want to trade – just email me and we’ll talk!

Hulk Sticker #S3

Lastly, this set had sketch cards inserted into the mix.  One sketch card per box – and I have to say, I was lucky enough to obtain 2 of them  a Dr. Doom and a Human Torch.  I sold those already – as I would only have been interested in a Hulk card- but some of these sketch cards are selling for insane prices!  You can get a full sized commission for the prices of these cards!  It’s ridiculous!  I’m not sure if people have just gone off the deep end or what – but they are paying upwards of $100-$200 for these!