Check this out!

Grey, a loyal visitor to this site, is doing something cool on his site – he’s doing a Casting Call for your perfect Hulk movie!  I sent him my idea and he posted it – so check it out!

The pic above?  That’s my pick for Marlo!  Laura Pepron – hot intensified!

11 responses to “Check this out!

  1. I see Laura Pepron and raise you a Christina Hendricks

  2. Smokin Hot!

    Hey Mr. M,

    I wrote you an email a few days ago bud! I finished your casting call with pictures and everything. If you have someone in mind for another role then send it my way. Please feel free to comment on anyone’s picks you like…or don’t like!
    It’s okay to co

  3. Oh and Ratch, I have my own opinions on a certain green 14inch arrival, and would love to hear yours

  4. Hey i just checked my e-mail i didn’t and i didn’t find anything from you. Thanks for doing that btw.

  5. Oh no worries, I just didn’t want you to think I wasn’t putting anything up.

  6. My pick for Marlo is Amy Adams.

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